Chris Cooley Video: Watch Tight End's Dreadful Drop in Week 16

Trae ThompsonSenior Analyst IDecember 27, 2010

Chris Cooley won't forget this drop for a long time.

The beloved tight end and Redskins fan favorite is wide open in the endzone and drops an easy touchdown pass from Rex Grossman. It's the kind of play you see on a blooper reel, or one of Sportscenter's "Not So Top 10" lists.

But it also illustrates the entire Redskins season: Just one blunder after another. There was the Albert Haynesworth drama that began in the offseason, Clinton Portis was injured (again) and then came the debacle with Philly. In Week 10, Michael Vick threw for 333 yards against the Redskins in a 59-28 victory and solidified himself as a legitimate MVP candidate.

It only spiraled downwards from there, including the recent controversy surrounding Donovan McNabb's benching and claims he was "disrespected." He came out and said he would like to remain in Washington, but come on. We all know this marriage will be a brief one.

The Redskins have a host of issues to address in the offseason. If he follows the script from his time in Denver, you have to figure coach Mike Shanahan will begin stockpiling running backs. He may also try and find a franchise quarterback. Grossman has been adequate but he's certainly not the longterm answer. Maybe the franchise can get lucky and find their own Sam Bradford, or Joe Flacco.

As for Cooley, he'll be fine. He has only had one touchdown in his last nine games, as the announcers point out, but he's also still one of the most reliable tight ends in the NFL.

Getting an easier scoring opportunity may be hard to come by, though.

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