Ed Reed Video: Watch The Baltimore Ravens Safety Heat Up

Dan Tylicki@DanTylickiAnalyst IDecember 27, 2010

The Baltimore Ravens beat the Cleveland Browns yesterday, 20-10, to clinch a playoff berth. In the game, Ed Reed was on fire. He kept Colt McCoy in check in what was his first bad game as a pro and made two interceptions.

He was also on fire literally, for that matter.

While taking a breather at the end of the game, Reed was sitting on the sidelines in his jacket and ended up sitting a little bit too close to something he shouldn't have been close to, as evidenced by his aptly stated remark, "I was too close to the heater."

As a result, the jacket caught fire, and Reed quickly took it off and rose to his feet.

Reed was unhurt and his quick action of moving away from what was on fire prevented any injury. Yes, a little bit of fire may help to cancel out the Cleveland weather, but it's never something you would want on you, and Reed's quick action was worthy of a PSA, or was at least a common sense move by him.

After all, the Ravens can't have their secondary leader erupting in flames.

The Ravens play the Bengals at home next week, where it will hopefully be warm enough outside that the Ravens won't have to worry about anything like this happening again. Still, you have to give credit for how calm Reed seemed during this whole situation.

If my coat caught on fire, yes, I would take it off, but I'd get a bit freaked out about that happening.

Not something you expect to happen when you wake up in the morning, no matter who you are.