Holiday Bowl Marred by Herbstreit and Musberger

Colby WhiteCorrespondent IDecember 29, 2007

I chose not to pay much attention to the Holiday Bowl matchup of Texas and Arizona State.

After the season Texas had, I wasn't expecting any fireworks.

But after a couple of episodes off The Office DVD, I flipped back to see the Longhorns comfortably ahead with four minutes remaining.

That should have been a pleasant surprise for me—especially since I was expecting the Sun Devils to win it easily.

But, as usual, the four-lettered animal that has become the bane of my sporting experience ruined what should have been a three-minute celebration.

With less than four minutes left in the game, the ESPN duo of Kirk Herbstreit and Brent Musberger decided to spend what seemed like an eternity on the upcoming game between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants. Musberger hailed how great of a coach Tom Coughlin is, even though he's been on the hot seat in many fans' minds for years now.

Then there was the moment where Herbstreit literally said, “What else can we talk about? Mark Prior signed today.”

At first I just rolled my eyes at all this; just another flash-over-substance broadcast by ESPN. But then I realized there was an onside kick by Arizona State that was nearly successful.

The Sun Devil player was running around with the ball in his hand. If he had indeed recovered, it would have given Arizona State the ball in good field position, down by 11 with less than four minutes to play.

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Herbstreit’s response?

“Did he get the ball?”

Replay later reveled he indeed did not recover it—Brandon Foster was down before he stripped the ball—but that's your response? Herbstreit was too concerned with Coughlin and Prior to pay attention to the game right in front of him.

The final minutes of the broadcast would include more frustrating blunders. I ended up watching the rest just to see how bad it would get.

In hindsight, I shouldn’t have been surprised. Herbstreit has been making a fool out of himself as far as I can remember.

It was only less than a month ago when he stated after Oklahoma ran through top-ranked Missouri, "We got to fix this thing," referring to the annual fiasco that is the BCS.

Less than 24 hours later, when it was announced that LSU and Ohio State would play for the national title, he was on SportsCenter with Lee Corso, saying the BCS "got it right."

Just another day in Bristol. 

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