Eagles vs. Giants: Michael Vick, DeSean Jackson Lead Greatest Comeback Ever

Darren GrossmanCorrespondent IDecember 19, 2010

DeSean Jackson celebrates after returning a punt for a TD to win the game
DeSean Jackson celebrates after returning a punt for a TD to win the gameNick Laham/Getty Images

Move aside Frank Reich and the Buffalo Bills, I just got done watching the greatest comeback ever. 

Yes, I said ever.  I know, there have been others, but anyone else see a team score 28 points in the last 7:55 to win a game?  I could be wrong, but I don't think that has ever happened before.

The Eagles were dead.  The Giants fans were already making plans for that home playoff game and the NFC East title.  I know because I'm an Eagles fan and I have friends who were Giants fans.  I was miserable, and my friends who were Giants fans were ecstatic.  All of a sudden, Michael Vick found a wide open Brent Celek to make it 31-17. 

Who cares?  It's still 14 points and a little over seven minutes left.

Then the Eagles kick an onside kick and Michael Vick races into the end zone.  Good try Eagles, but there are still five minutes left and you are still down seven.  The Giants moved down the field, and then finally got bogged down. 

The Eagles started inside their own 15 with no timeouts.

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But Michael Vick took off again, this time to the 40-yard line.  Then he took off again, and the Eagles were in business.  So, tie game, and the Giants get the ball.  The Eagles defense stops them, and the Giants punt with 12 seconds left.

Surely they will punt it away from DeSean Jackson—but no, the punt is a low line drive that Jackson muffs, then scoops up off the ground and races the length of the field as time expires.  Eagles 38, Giants 31.

Eagles fans everywhere rejoice. 

This game will go down as one of the greatest games ever played.  It was a tale of two halves.  The Giants dominated the first half and the Eagles the second half. 

I still can't believe it.  First, I want to tip my hat to Michael Vick and DeSean Jackson.  What a great second-half effort by Vick, and even though Jackson was quiet most of the day, he came through when it mattered most.  Michael Vick rushed for 130 yards and passed for another 242 yards in the Eagles victory. 

You also have to give credit to the defense.  They were demolished in the first half, but in the second half they allowed only seven points, and that was off a turnover that was not really a turnover—but more on that in a minute.

David Akers made a great onside kick, and the Eagles executed it perfectly.  What a great day to be an Eagles fan!

Now, for a couple of negative notes, how did the coach the Eagles have assigned to the booth not tell Andy Reid to challenge that DeSean Jackson play?  He clearly was touched and thus down by contact.  Terrible job by Reid and also by the coach in the booth for not challenging that play. 

It could have cost us the game and you have to challenge in that situation.

I also thought Reid did a terrible job, as always, using his timeouts, randomly using them when it did not make sense. Reid still can not manage the clock.

Patterson had an absolute terrible game—he missed tackles and got beat all day.  Yet somehow, despite all that, the Eagles won.

The Eagles essentially just won the NFC East with a win, and what a great day to be an Eagles fan!


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