The 120 Worst Logos of All-Time

Eli ChesnerCorrespondent IDecember 22, 2010

The 120 Worst Logos of All-Time

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    Yes, you are probably asking yourself what the heck is this? Well, me too. 

    In this slideshow, with all my research completed, I will show you the worst logos in the history of the NHL, MLB, NFL and NBA. Here are the worst 120 logos off all-time.


Cleveland Indians, 1928

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    This looks like this is from the Wax Museum in New York City. This is just awful.

Panthers Alternate, 2010-Present

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    Hockey and Florida doesnt match with each other. No wonder why this logo sucks.

Maple Leafs Alternate, 1983-92

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    There are too many words here...

Raptors Alternate, 1996-Present

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    No color at all makes it look awful. It's almost invisible.

Bengals, 1970-80

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    The helmet looks so weird. It doesnt even look like a helmet.

Falcons, 1966-89

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    I was thinking about this one. It's not really all that bad, but it could be better. It's too bland.

Los Angeles Kings Alternate, 1996-Present

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    This king looks too demanding and there is to much going on in this one.

Orioles, 1901

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    Wow, an "O." Great thinking, Orioles.

Blackhawks, 1936-37

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    I never knew Indians were red. Well, thanks for telling me Chicago.

Dallas Chaparrals (ABA), 1968-70

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    Real creative...

Philadelphia Athletics (MLB), 1924-27

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    First of all, why is the Athletics logo and elephant? Second, maybe they can put a bat or ball. Its just an elephant. Like really...

Coyotes, 1997-2003

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    Please tell me why the heck the coyote has like 262,338 shapes and colors?

Bills, 1962-64

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    This must be O.J. running away from the Bills (police).

Reds, 1936

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    Are they the Blue-Reds?

Bengals Alternate, 1968-69

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    I drew this in third grade (or was it second).

Canadiens, 1911

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    I guess the Maple Leafs and the Habs arent rivals. 

Islanders, 1996-97

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    I'm sure all you hockey fans were waiting for this. Here's the only logo in sports history that could give Disney's Mighty Ducks of Anaheim a serious run for the title of Most Cartoonish Juvenile Monstrosity Ever.

Phillies, 1944-45

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    The Philadelphia Blue Jays sounds accurate, right?

Cubs, 1918

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    The Chicago UBS!!! Well, they should go back to this, considering they won the NL with this logo.

Toronto St. Pats (NHL), 1920-22

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    This is just so bland. And what kind of name is St. Pats?

Red Sox Alternate, 1951-59

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    This might be one of the worst logos I have seen. This doesn't even look cool. 

Canucks, 1979-92

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    A) This looks like a diner/fast food resturant.

    B) This is a speed skate.

    C) Does this not look like a piece of spaghetti?

Knicks, 1947-64

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    I never knew fat dutch guys who look like pigs play basketball.

Tigers, 1927-28

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    Looks like Richard Pryor after his face caught on fire. Yikes!!

Steelers, 1945-50

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    This may be one of the more depressing logos ever created. "I've got an idea! Let's use a hellish work environment as our logo!" I'd like to see somebody try this today.

New York Titans Alternate, 1960-62

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    The guy is either:

    A) Preparing for liftoff.

    B) Saying "I like to move it, move it."

Nuggets, 1982-93

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    The guy who created this logo was probably playing Tetris at the time.



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    This is sad...

Nets, 1978

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    First of all, the Nets in script looks awful. Second, did they ask Pepsi for letting them use their logo?

Redskins, 1952-59

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    I have heard that the term "Redskin" is disrespectful to the Native Americans. If the name of this team wasn't insulting enough, the logo sure is.

Chicago Cardinals (NFL), 1920-34

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    This looks like the Reds and Cubs logo in one, and it looks like a toilet but sideways.

Broncos, 1960-61

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    The Broncos arent that tough if they used a pony for a logo.

Rangers, 1927-35

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    I love the Rangers. But who else thinks this looks like a shield for one of the jousters at Medieval Times?

Indians Alternate, 1953-72

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    Looks like a giant key is going into his weird-looking head.

Maple Leafs, 1927

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    This might be the worst green for a logo I have ever seen. This is a pathetic logo.

Canadiens, 1910

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    This logo is sponsored by the letter "C."

Packers, 1951-55

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    Is the football about to be hung on the crosses?

Brewers, 1970-77

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    They asked the director of The Wizard of Oz if they can borrow the Tin Man. I guess they said yes.

Rockets, 1972

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    3...2....1... and away with this logo.

Cowboys Alternate, 1966-69

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    1) Why does the horse have two legs?

    2) I think I drew this in first grade.

Houston Oilers, 1966-71

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    Is that a coconut bra?

St. Louis Browns (Baseball), 1907-08

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    Designed by an anarchist who, let's just say, was on something.

    The diamond also looks like its made up sticks.

Memphis Tams (ABA), 1973-74

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    It looks like a hat that Fat Albert would wear. Hey, Hey, Hey!

Steelers, 1933-40

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    This is one of the best on this list. It's not that bad, but it could be showing a lot less than it is.

Steelers, 1960-61

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    Now back to another Steelers logo that needs an explanation. 

    Looks like he is dancing like Michael Jackson on a piece of steel while raping it.

Cavaliers Alternate, 1995-2003

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    Somehow this is supposed to say Cavs. I only see the "C." And this looks like a basketball going into a waste basket, which sums up the Cavs history.

Oakland Oaks (ABA), 1968-69

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    What could be more scary then an acorn? OMG, I'm scared!

Kansas City Athletics, 1963-67

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    This logo isn't that bad, it's just that it just looks weird. But definitely not one of the top 50 of all-time.

Devils Script Logo, 1982-90

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    Sometimes I can't help but think that management in the '80s thought they were running a pizza joint instead of a hockey team.

Philadelphia Quakers (NHL), 1931

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    It's not the logo, it's the name.

49ers, 1946-67

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    The top gun looks like a bottle of whiskey or something and it would make sense since he looks kind of crazy and sweaty drunk. Are those PJ's he's wearing on his legs? This is just a hilarious logo.

    On the next page is the Alternate, which is worse.


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    Looks like he's trying to surf, but no one told him he's on a football.

Carolina Cougars (ABA), 1972-74

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    The Pink Panther has turned green with envy.

Minneapolis Lakers, 1948-60

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    It's not bad—for a logo back then.

Carolina Hurricanes, 1998-Present

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    The logo looks like a toilet flushing. For a great hockey city, this is sad.

Winnipeg Jets, 1973-74

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    Is it just me, or did the jet beat him five-hole?

Indians, 1946-50

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    WAAAAAYYY politically incorrect.

Lions Alternate, 1970-81

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    The lion drawing is just hideous. It looks like a first grader drew it. Whoever created this logo put a weak effort into making the lion look lifelike. I dont know what the backdrops are for, but somehow, they irritate me.

Cubs Alternate, 1942-48

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    This is a very creepy logo that would only be thought up by a Chicagoan.

Orlando Predators (Arena Football League), 1991-97

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    For a 1990's logo, really?

Florida Panthers Alternate, 1990-Present

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    This is just so weird, I cant explain it.

Carolina Panthers Alternate, 1995-Present

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    Very good use of empty space.

Detroit Falcons (NHL), 1931-32

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    A text saying "Detroit Falcons"? How 'bout something like, oh, I don't know, a falcon? Would that of been so hard?

NBA Logo, 1951-71

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    This doesnt look like a basketball, this looks like a baseball.

Nuggets, 1975-76

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    Looks like the guy from the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer movie from way back.

Knicks Alternate, 1968-91

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    Yankees logo, Mets colors... Mommy, I'm scared.

Red Sox, 1950-59

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    The worse part is that someone probably got paid to design it.

Redskins Alternate, 1960-65

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    Uggs, a yellow football, a six-pack showing through a shirt and the worst nose I have ever seen.

Chicago Packers (NBA), 1962

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    "Chicago" "Packers". No wonder why they were only in the league one year.

New Orleans Buccaneers (ABA), 1968-69

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    A ball that says New Orleans is about to be stabbed by a pirate. Wow.

Cardinals, 1900-19

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    Great paint job.

Pittsburgh Pirates (NHL), 1926-1928

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    Did the Pirates copy the Pirates? Just proves the point: People in Pittsburgh have no imagination.

Broncos Alternate, 1965-67

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    Look where the football is coming up from.

Broncos Alternate, 1997-Present

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    Shh, everybody! We want to hear what he's saying, probably a negative thing...but seriously, the way it looks is just creepy.

L.A. Stars (ABA), 1969

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    This is just awful.

Redskins, 1937-1951

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Raptors Alternate, 1996-98

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    Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to welcome the Toronto Humperes.

New York Giants, 1945-49

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    It looks like a Girl Scout patch.

Giants, 1975

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    No wonder this logo only lasted one year.

    The Alternate, which is worse, is next.

Giants Alternate, 1975

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Athletics, 1968-82

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    This is a great logo, but the shoes just mess it up.

Angels, 1963-64

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    This is definitely one of the best on this list. But there is too much going on here.

Astros Alternate, 1975-93

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    Go, Cowboys!

    Oh, wait a minute...

Spurs, 1990-2002

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    The Spurs colors are black and silver, so why the heck would you have green, pink and orange?

Spurs Alternate, 1990-2002

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    Looks like Microsoft clip art.

Packers Alternate, 1960-61

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    Bada Bing, Bada Boom, Mr. World Wide When I Step In The Room!

Orioles, 1954-64

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    It's okay. It just looks like a cartoon and something that Disney would make.

Kentucky Colonels, 1968-1970

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    Oh shoot, Pappy is runnin' out of the house dribblin' a basketball in his under-britches again...

    This might be the weirdest logo I have ever seen.

Indians, 1929-32

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    This is so bad, I can't even describe it.

Chiefs, 1963-1971

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    We're going streaking!

Chiefs Alternate, 1963-69

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    Hey, at least he's wearing pants in this logo—not a loincloth.

Tigers, 1934-60

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    And how did this last until 1960?

Brooklyn Superbas (MLB), 1910

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    I will give a dollar to anyone who will tell me what a superba is.

Cleveland Rams (NFL), 1940-45

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    This is one of those logos that gives you nightmares for weeks. Unfortunately, so is the L.A. ram head.

Rockets, 2004-Present

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    They should go back to the logo with the rocket on it.  At least it was a logo that related to their team name. Your telling me this "R" looks like a rocket ship? Sort of.

Saints Alternate, 1976-84

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    So, which one of you drew this in first grade?

Cleveland Naps (Baseball), 1905-08

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    This would be a creative logo if they were the Cleveland Pretzels.

White Sox, 1917-18

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    An American Flag. Interesting. 

White Sox Alternate, 1976-90

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    It really doesn't have to say Sox two times. We know that they are the White Sox.

Kings, 1986-94

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    This logo would have been awesome for a grocery store.

Houston Mavericks (ABA), 1968

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    Well, this isn't original. A horse going through a giant "H." Very creative.

Packers, 1956-61

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    Maybe it is just because it is the Packers...but doesn't this entire logo look like it's made out of cheese? 

Hamilton Tigers (NHL), 1921

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    He looks the the deformed spartan wannabe in 300.

Cavaliers Alternate, 1956-64

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    He's had way too much Mountain Dew.

    And they are trying to show he is manly by hiding behind a basketball?

Bengals, 1967-69

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    This logo makes me want a bag of Cheetos...

Lions, 1952-60

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    Seriously? This logo looks terrible! It looks like he's molesting the lion!

Islanders Alternate, 1999-Present

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    Just in case the players have to direct traffic before or after the game, these are saftey stripes.

Blackhawks Alternate, 1956-64

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    This guy looks like the grandfather of the one used today!

Twins Alternate, 1972

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Suns, 1969-92

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    This logo is great, but it looks absolutely nothing like a sun.

Tigers Alternate, 1967-77

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    It looks like Tom from Tom and Jerry and it looks like its gonna poo in its pants.

Rangers, 1972-82

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    Ah, the early 1970s. Only then would you see a jagged hand-drawn baseball wearing a cowboy hat with a team name in a font you'd see in an episode of Tom and Jerry. Well done, well done. :P

Tampa Bay Storm (Arena), 1991-96

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    This is top simple. Just says the name and then a lightning symbol across the "O."

Browns, 1946-49

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    They needed something, they were no-nonsense winners with white helmets. The elf though? An elf? Snap, Crackle, Pop, Brownie? It's better than a cartoon picture of Paul Brown, yet we'd rather have a bomb logo as in "Brown Bombers."

Vikings, 1961-65

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    This logo is basically the one that is currently used except it has gold horns and is facing to the left. And fatter. And older.

Warriors, 1970-71

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    This is classic. But just saying "The City" and then a giant circle with a bridge just looks weird. They could put more in the bridge.

Lakers, 1961-76

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    I guess the Lakers played tennis back then.

Celtics, 1947-50

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    This reminds me of drawing as a young kid, misjudging how much space the letters should take up, then overcompensating. 

Bruins, 1925

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    Why the hell does the bear have three legs?

The Worst Logo of All-Time: Coyotes Alternate, 1999-2003

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    This is easily the most half-assed logo I've seen a professional sports team come out with. It looks like it was slapped together in five minutes.

Thanks for Reading

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    Hopefully you guys enjoyed this. I know I didn't really describe anything, but at least I tried!