Manu Ginobili: "They're Going to Perform Surgery on My Ankle"

Juki MolCorrespondent IAugust 29, 2008

"Here I am, back in San Antonio, happy with the bronze medal we won at the Games and ready to tackle a new season of the NBA," says Manu Ginobili in an exclusive report to Argentina's Spanish language newspaper, La Nacion.

"I had imaging studies done on my ankle and basically, the studies indicate that the ligament is just as it was two months ago, when I had the first resonance. It is not worse, that's important. Now the issue is that it's not better either and it seems that the only way to recover fully is to have surgery."

According to Manu, no date has been set. He doesn't even know which doctor will perform the procedure, but the reality and severity of the situation is sinking in.

"Today, I am not hurt the ankle while walking," explains Ginobili, "but when I try to run or jump it does."

Ginobili expects that the recovery period from surgery will be six to eight weeks, although he has not been told if he'll be ready to play or simply return to rehabbing the injury that has haunted him since last season's playoffs. The Spurs guard says he's fully prepared to miss a few early games.

"I understand the frustration," says Ginobili. "I understand that I may miss some games, but participating in the Olympic Games was very important. Any athlete who has the possibility to experience the Olympic Games should not reject it. There will be people who understand you and other people who don't."

And that has definitely been the case in both the blogosphere and in fan forums. The topic has been highly debated since Ginobili was urged by Spurs coach Gregg Popovich not to go to Beijing.

"I had the chance to read a column in San Antonio, in which I was criticized by for my decision to participate in the Games," said Ginobili.

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