WWE Breaking News!: The Undertaker Injured and May Require Surgery

Poppa Big Nick@NickFino2293Correspondent IIIOctober 28, 2010

Breaking News for wrestling fans. The Undertaker has reportedly injured his shoulder hence his loss to Kane at Bragging Rights.

The original plan says sources within the WWE is that The Undertaker was set to win his match against Kane and win the World Heavyweight Championship for the fourth time however due to his injury they booked for The Nexus to interfere in order for Undertaker not to look weak in his third-consecutive match against Kane.

Reports state that the injury is a torn rotator-cuff and if surgery is needed, he could be out for at least two months. This is a huge blow not only to SmackDown but also the WWE as The Undertaker just returned from a three month hiatus from a broken nose and orbital bone injury sustained in a match against Rey Mysterio on June 4.

This injury will probably cause people to proclaim once again that he should retire due to his nagging injuries that seem to keep him out of the ring. I, a huge Undertaker fan am very upset to hear this news and with this news and i have an idea that the Undertaker when he returns should come back with his American Badass persona for a couple of reasons.

Number one with his injury problem the last couple of years I'm sure he has though about retirement and with the American Badass gimmick it would be easy for him to just call it quits and have a talk with the crowd, something that wouldn't make sense if he was still the "Deadman".

Finally number two, it would shake his character up a bit and would be a cool reversal because back in 2003 when he lost his buried alive match to Vince McMahon (Kane really beat him), he returned as the Deadman, so why not have him come back as the American Badass. Thanks for reading.


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