UFC 121 Results: Brock Lesnar To Fight The Undertaker Next?

Greg ParfittCorrespondent IOctober 24, 2010

Undertaker at the UFC
Undertaker at the UFC

Post-fight at UFC 121, Ariel Helwani of Aol FanHouse interviewed WWE's The Undertaker—otherwise known as Mark Calaway—and the interview was odd, to say the least.

A longtime fan of mixed martial arts, the WWE veteran has been seen at numerous events before and is a known friend of his former colleague, Brock Lesnar.

However, Calaway seemed at a loss for words, really struggling to speak about Lesnar's performance at UFC 121 and how he felt the fight went down. 

Then, as Lesnar left the arena, the two had a brief staredown, and comments were exchanged regarding whether or not they were "going to do this."

Now what could this mean?

As an occasional follower of WWE, I know that The Undertaker is nearing retirement, and it has been widely reported that the next WrestleMania in April 2011 will be his last show. For wrestlers, who you fight in your last fight is a big deal, and Lesnar's name has repeatedly been mentioned as a possible opponent for The Undertaker. 

The two had great feuds when Lesnar was in the business, and there is no doubt his return—even as a one-off—would be a huge deal. 

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There are more questions than answers at the moment surrounding this topic, but one thing is clear: There is some major tension between these two friends. 

I'm guessing that Calaway wants Lesnar to return as a favor to him, but Lesnar doesn't want to do it. 

Let's hear your thoughts on this.

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