Why the New York Knicks Should Trade for Chris Paul, Not Carmelo Anthony

Zachary CohenContributor IIIOctober 23, 2010

"Good Defense, Bosh!"
"Good Defense, Bosh!"Chris Graythen/Getty Images

If it were to happen right now, the Knicks would be trading Danilo Gallinari, Anthony Randolph, Toney Douglas and THE Eddy Curry (with his huge expiring contract) for Carmelo Anthony. As a Knicks fan this trade is hard to even look at. I understand that Carmelo is an elite player in the league, but the Knicks are giving away their three most promising players and the huge expiring contract of Curry. 

I look at this trade and think, "Why can't Carmelo just hold out so he can play with a better team next year?" I mean a team of Felton, Carmelo, Gallinari, Amar'e and Mozgov with Randolph, Douglas and Turiaf coming off the bench looks like a contender in the East to me. The reason I don't think it will happen and why the Knicks will trade for Carmelo during the year is that in the offseason, max contracts are going to go way down in value because of the potential lockout and Carmelo is not going to want to take less money than the other "cool kids" on the Heat

This is why he will most likely be traded during the year. As a Knicks fan though, I think if we're going to have to give up all the players I mentioned before in a trade, I think it has to be for Chris Paul. I know talks with the Hornets haven't opened up since CP3 said he was happy in N.O., but he is just a way better fit for our team than Carmelo is. I know this team lacks a second scorer and Carmelo would fill that role, but having two players on your team who are primary scorers creates chemistry issues and the Heat will find that out soon with LeBron and Wade.

Chris Paul would bring a pure playmaker to New York, and not just a playmaker, but the best playmaker in the league when healthy. The image in my head I get from thinking about a potential Chris Paul "penetrate and lob up for an Amar'e dunk" only parallels what Jonah Hill said when he saw Aldous Snow perform in Forgetting Sarah Marshall ("It just went from six to midnight").

Having Chris Paul and Amar'e Stoudemire would give the Knicks a 1-2 punch better than Nash and Stoudemire and possibly as good as Stockton and Malone were. I love Carmelo Anthony, and if he were to arrive in New York via trade I'd be able to get over the loss of our players pretty fast once I saw somebody go for 40 in the Garden. But I think if we are giving up our whole entire future, then CP3 would be the better value.

We should at least call up New Orleans and see what it would take to pry away CP3. I feel like they'd try to dump Okafur's contract on us and try to completely rebuild around a young team. If that's the case I'd still take it knowing that Okafur could contribute on this team knowing that we need a rebounder and another defensive presence wouldn't hurt. Gallinari, Randolph, Douglas and Curry for Paul and Okafur would give us a starting lineup of CP3, Azubuike, Chandler, Amar'e and Okafur. What do you think of that team in comparison to Felton, Chandler, Anthony, Amare, Mozgov. I like it. 

Keep in mind, Carmelo would be a Free Agent next year if he doesn't get traded throughout the season...so the lineup I added with CP3, Amar'e and Okafur could potentially add Melo. Now that's a championship team!

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