Dana White: Same Old Tune; Different Verse

Dorothy WillisSenior Writer IAugust 21, 2008

My favorite backpedaling was done while Dana White was on the road doing interviews in the Mll of America in Minneapolis and Canada pre- UFC 87.

While being interviewed in Canada, Dana was asked about women in MMA, and instead of giving the old Dana answer that women were not meant to fight, Dana stated that "there just are not enough women to fight" and h elaborated stating that far more men were available for fights so finding enough fighters to fill out a card was much easier for a fight organization to just handle men.

This of course is a far departure from Dana flatly saying that he did not like to see two women fight using mma.

Since Dana is striving to push MMA forward into all provinces in Canada, it is possible that he is attempting to present an image of a man in favor of all forms of the sport.

But whatever the reason I would once again have to disagree with him. While trying to find appropriate photos of Chris Cyborg and Shayna Baszler I found so many photos, and names of many more women than I had previously ever heard of, even while doing research for my articles.

So I am sure if Dana had shown an interest in hiring female fighters, he would have been quite surprised at the number that would turn out for auditions. Possibly not enough for the number of weight classes that the men have but enough to showcase a few matches at each UFC event.

Of course I wouldn't want him to stop there. My idea for a TUF or "FLUF" house series featuring women fighters competing for a contract and shot a a title in the UFC.

Such a series might possibly draw more viewers than the regular TUF series with men.

The women would surely have spats where the men have fights while living so close together for six weeks, but I doubt there would be any house destruction or drinking binges (too many empty calories for the weight savvy gals) or the peeing on themselves and fecal pranks that the men found so compelling.

Apparently there now is room to hope, although I am sure it will take a long time. It is possible that instead of the Elite XC being accused by Dana of copying his business mdel, Dana will be guilty of copying the EXC'S women's fights which drew so much interest to the CBS programs.

So while the song may be the same, Dana has begun ith a brand new verse.

Sing it Dana, sing it with feeling!


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