Georgia Football: Arrest Total At 11 Mark Richt Losing Control

Eric BowmanFeatured ColumnistOctober 11, 2010

"What? I've lost control? Maybe I should do something."
"What? I've lost control? Maybe I should do something."Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Mark Richt cannot keep his players under control. Georgia hit the 11 mark this morning when Caleb King was booked to the Clarke County jail for failing to show up to court for a speeding ticket.

11 arrests since March of this year is unacceptable. By season’s end the Bulldogs could have two or three times as many arrests as they do wins. Who is to blame for such mistakes? Coach Mark Richt.

It’s time to stop making excuses for this man and face the facts. He cannot discipline his team. It’s obvious these players don’t respect him enough to do the right things.  I mean how hard is it to show up for an issued court date? 

Yes it was just for speeding and it’s a dumb arrest. However, dumb arrest or not it’s still an arrest and a sign that Richt has no control. 

These arrests have to stop. The Bulldog Nation is tired of waking up Monday morning and hearing that one of our players is in jail. You can blame the players for doing these actions but Richt has to be faulted as well.

Richt is the man in charge and these 11 arrests reflect negatively on him and on the program he runs. The growing number of arrests is something that the new AD Greg McGarity cannot be too happy about.

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Richt may win more games and salvage a decent season but if he can’t keep his players under control he may get the boot.

Losing games and losing control of your team may make it easy on McGarity. It’s one of those things that we’ll have to wait and see how the rest of the season pans out. Crack the whip and take command coach. You need to now more than ever.  

On a side note from the arrest, it’s pretty sad that it took a speech from Boss Bailey to fire this team up. Yes it was a crappy Tennessee team but most teams believe Mississippi State and Colorado are pretty crappy too. I bet you did when this season began. Heck, Missouri beat the Buffs this past weekend 26-0. Embarrassing.

I heard it was an incredible speech by Bailey. Hats off to him for doing the right thing and telling these players like it is. Richt stated that “he basically called them out." Mark, why can’t you do the same thing? It takes a speech from a former player to get Georgia a W. What’s that say about Richt?

The man has lost his touch. I understand Boss showed a lot of compassion and even shed some tears. But Mark, where is your compassion? Do your players know that you are very passionate about Georgia Football? Please show it because maybe it’ll get these players out of jail.

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