what the wwe needs

elliot celestineContributor IAugust 17, 2008

in the past two weeks we have seen major cut from wwe staff some which i know would not have worked and some who would have made it. example duce and dominio frist of all bad tag team really horrible but could have made great singles. they wasn't bad wrestlers just had a stupid gemmick. colin delaney yes sould have left i really didn't see potenial in him sorry. shannon moore big mistake i thought the whole jimmy yang wang tag team angel would work. ric flair no comment but it will bite wwe in the long run. now rumors of mick foley get your heads together, and get it right ok. 

in another note great job on rehiring d'lo brown, ron r-truth killings(k-kwik from the attiude era) as well as the matt hardy push