Colt Brennan: The Best Player No One Wanted

Angel SolisContributor IAugust 17, 2008

Colt Brennan clearly wasn't on the top of many teams' draft board this year, despite the fact that he threw for over 14,000 yards and 131 touchdowns in three years playing for Hawaii. Seemingly these stats meant nothing, as he slipped all the way to the sixth round to the Redskins with pick number 186 in the draft. The Sugar Bowl was the likely factor. Colt Brennan went 22 for 38, including three picks against the Georgia Bulldogs defense, the preseason #1 BCS team this season.

In his first preseason game against the Colts, Brennan went 9 for 10 for 123 yards, throwing two touchdowns. To prove it was no fluke, he went 4-for-5 today against the New York Jets, throwing the game winning touchdown to Jason Goode. To be fair, he did not face the first string or even the second string in either game.

The preseason means nothing to the fans, but Colt Brennan may be proving something to the Redskins management. However, the best passer in college football history will need to prove himself against tougher defenses this season. I expect Brennan to take some snaps early this season and possibly even starting at the end of the season if the Redskins clinch a spot or are eliminated from playoff contention altogether.

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