"Cody", Episode 13, "All Good Things Must Come To An End" (SEASON FINALE)

RKO's Priceless Numba1Fan aka Dashing Marina MtzCorrespondent IOctober 3, 2010


(Please stay tuned after the Season Finale for a special post-show)

This is it. This is where everything comes to a head. This is the moment you have all been waiting for. THIS IS THE SEASON FINALE OF "CODY"! This season Cody has found love, betrayal, money, and friends,  but nothing could prepare him for this. Let's pick up where we left off...

Ted: You are pregnant, aren't you?

Nicole: *shakes head*

Ted: Wait, you lied to Cody?!

Nicole: You don't understand! I...I fell in love with him, and I knew he would leave me if I wasn't.

Ted: Nicole...what are we going to do?

Nicole: I have an idea if I am ok?

Ted: Ok...go on.

Nicole: First, let's go to the drug store and get a test.

Ted: Ok let's go.

While Ted and Nicole go to the drug store, let's see what Cody is doing...

Cody: *picks up phone and dials*

(Please enjoy the music while your party is reached...)

"Hey you've reached Nicole, please leave a message and i'll get back to you. Muah!"

Cody: *sighs and walks out of hotel room*

Randy: Hey Codeman, you ok? I mean, after I kicked your ass last night, I wouldn't think so.

Cody: No, i'm not. Nicole still won't answer her phone and i haven't seen her since last night, what if she got kidnapped or something?!

Randy: *puts hands on shoulders* Get a grip, dude! She's probably fine, wherever she is. I still hate you though.

Cody: *takes a deep breath* You're right...

Randy: *hestitates* Why don't you come with me and Ron (R-Truth) to get some chicken and waffles?

Cody: *laughs a little* Since when do you eat chicken and waffles?

Randy: It's actually really good. You should come with us.

Cody: Ok, fine. I'll go with you guys.

Randy: Ok cool, let's go! Oh my gosh, when we get there, you have to get the Big Bertha Special!


Ted: Well? What does it say?

Nicole: *snifels* It's...it's blue.

Ted: What does that mean?

Nicole: *hugs and sobs*

Ted: Ah man...I'm so sorry, this is all my fault.

Nicole: *continues crying*

Ted: Hey, I know what we can do. Don't worry.

Nicole: *wipes eyes* What is it?

Ted: Well, Cody thinks your still pregnant, right? What if "our" baby is actually yours and Cody's? That way he wouldn't suspect a thing!

Nicole: You actually think that would work?

Ted: Yeah, I really do. *looks into eyes* I know it will.

Nicole: What if he finds out?

Ted: He won't, because only me and you know, ok?

Nicole: *snifels* Ok. I guess, I better go find Cody, and repair the damage.

Ted: Ok, forget this ever happened?

Nicole: *takes a deep breath* Already forgotten. *opens door and leaves*

So Nicole left, and knocked on Cody's hotel door, but there was no answer. She pulled out her phone and called him to see where he was at.

Cody: Wow, this is great! It's amazing!

Ron: See I told y'all you'd like it. Best stuff ever.

Randy: It is. Yum. *continues eating*

(Ring, Ring, Ring)

Cody: Guys! It's Nicole. Should I answer it?

Randy: Yes dumbass.

Cody: Hello? Nicole?

Nicole: Cody, where are you? I've been looking all over for you.

Cody: Where have you been? I've been worried sick!

Nicole: I'm fine. I just wanted to say that i'm sorry. Last night, I totally blew things out of proportion.

Cody: It's ok. Stay at the hotel. We'll be over there soon.

Ron: Aw you guys are too cute, too cute.

Randy: *continues eating and looks at Cody coldy*

Cody: Thanks guys for this great lunch. I should go.

Randy: You should.

Cody: Ok, well, bye Ron, bye Randy.

Ron: Bye Bye.

Cody takes a cab to the hotel where he meets Nicole...

Cody: *runs over and embraces warmly* Oh Nicole, you had me so worried.

Nicole: *smiles*

Cody: How's the baby? I mean, it's only 5 months and we still have to wait 9, but that's fine...because I love you. I love you more than anything.

Nicole: *snifels* I love you too. *hugs*

The months went by like days, and Nicole's belly got big...keeping that lie inside, Cody went with her to almost every appointment...until her due date was only around the corner...

Cody: Ok babe, just breathe. Remember the breathing excerises that Dr. Gomez told you about.

Nicole: *takes a deep breath* Ow! *closes eyes and grits teeth*

Cody: *holds hand* Is it time?

Nicole: *water breaks* Yeah, it's time. OW! OW! *cries*

Cody: Ok, i'll call 911! *takes out phone and dials frantically*

Nicole was admitted into a hospital and Cody was in there with her as she gave birth to a healthy baby girl....

Nicole: OW! UH! OW! *pushes*

Cody: *kisses forehead* You can do it. C'mon! Push!

Doctor: Congratulations, it's a girl. Let us clean her off and you can hold her.

Cody: Oh Nicole, I love you. *kisses forehead*

Nicole: I love you too. *dozes off*

Doctor: Here you are...*hands baby*

Cody: *holds baby and starts to cry* Hi there. Welcome to the world baby. I love you ok? I've always loved you. *cradles baby*

At the front desk of the hospital...

Ted: Do you happen to know which room Nicole Rodriguez is in?

Nurse: What was she admitted for?

Randy: She had a baby.

Nurse: Ok, let me look it up.

Santino: I cannot await! The excitement is akilling me!

Cena: Me too, I can't wait either.

Nurse: Ok, it says here that she is on Floor 4, in Section C, C-125

Ted: Ok thank you. Let's go guys!

Santino: WOOOO!

Randy: Santino! This is a hospital!

Cena: Have some control you animal. Sheesh!

Santino: So asorry. I'm just so excited!

While the boys take the elevator and try to avoid autographs, we see what Cody and Nicole are going to name her...

Cody: I like that name. It's cute.

Nicole: (sleepily) Thanks. I knew you would like it.

Doctor: So have we decided on a name?

Nicole: (sleepily) Yes we have.

Doctor: What is it?

Cody: Larissa Lenay Rhodes.

Doctor: Ok, Larissa Lenay Rhodes, got it. Can both please sign here...and here?

Cody: *signs name and passes the paper to Nicole*

Nicole: *signs name*

Doctor: Ok then! It's official. Here's the birth certificate. Congratulations.

Cody: Do you want to hold her?

Nicole: Yes, please.

Cody: *hands baby*

Nicole: *cradles baby* Oh hey there Larissa. You are gonna have so many boyfriends when you grow up.  You are so beautiful.

Cody: *walks out of room and looks up* Hey guys! Over here!

*All the guys walk over with balloons and flowers*

Cody: I can't believe all you guys came!

Randy: Of course. We wouldn't miss this for the world.

Ted: Can we go in and see?

Cody: Yeah, go ahead. 2 at a time though.

Ted: Me and Randy will go in first.

Randy: We'll be right back.

Santino: Oooh! What is it?

Cody: She's a girl.

Cena: That's cute. What did you name her?

Cody: Larissa Lenay.

Santino: That name is saucy!

Cena and Cody: *look at Santino, confused*

In the room....

Randy: Hey Nicole, how are you holding up?

Nicole: *sleeps*

Ted: Oh. Look at her Randy. She looks just like me.

Randy: What?

Ted: Uh...I mean she looks just like Co-DY! That's what I meant to say.

Randy: *picks up birth certificate and reads* Larissa Lenay Rhodes, that's a cute name.

Ted: It is a cute name. Real cute. *walks out*

Cena: ....but seriously, 'Saucy'?

Santino: It is!

Ted: Hey, one of you can go in there now.

Santino: Me me ME!! *pushes Cena and runs in*

Cody: Man, she is gonna be a handful when she grows up.

Cena: For sure.

Ted: I'm going to wait downstairs in the lobby, ok John?

Cena: Ok.

Randy: *walks out* She's real cute Codeman. I like the name too. Congrats.

Cody: Thanks Randy. *hugs*

Randy: Where did Ted go?

Cena: Downstairs in the lobby.

Randy: I'm going down downstairs for a latte, any of you want one?

Cena and Cody: *shakes head*

Cena: I'm gonna go see now, alright?

Cody: Go ahead man.

Santino: *walks out* She is the cutest baby i've ever seen!

Cody: Thanks Santino.

Santino: Where are the others?

Cody: Downstairs.

Santino: Ok! Thank you Mr. Crossrhodes!

Cody: *laughs* No problem.

Cena: *walks out* She's adorable. Later, Cody.

Cody: Later Cena.


Randy: *takes latte* Thanks for the free latte man!

Owner: No problem Mr. Orton, i'm a huge fan.

Santino: Randy!

Randy: What is it?

Santino: Nothing, I just found you. *smiles*

Randy: Sit down. I need to ask you something.

Santino: Que?

Randy: Remember that night when Ted took Nicole to the hotel room after the barbeque?

Santino: Yes...

Randy: Don't you think its a lil weird that it's been 9 months since then, and this baby looks a whole lot more like Ted than Cody?

Santino: You don't think?!

Randy: It's possible.

Cena: Hey there you guys are. I was looking for you. I was gonna ask you, don't you think that Cody's baby, looks like Ted?

Randy: Exactly.

Cena: I think that...

Randy: ...that Ted is the father of that baby?

Cena: Yeah.

Santino: C'mon guys, we can't make these assumptions without solid proof!

Ted: *walks up* Whatcha guys talking about?

Cena: Uh...

Randy: We were talking about how I got this free latte from that nice man over there.

Ted: Oh ok. *sits next to Santino*

Cena: Um, shall we go, gents?

Randy: We should. We got a houseshow in 8 hours.

Santino: Let's ago!

Upstairs, Cody is still cuddling "his" baby...

Cody: I love you Larissa Lenay Rhodes. I love you so much. *softly kisses forehead*

(fade out)

I hope you've enjoyed this season of "Cody" as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please stay tuned (below) for the "Cody" post-show. Thanks for reading!

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Jerry Springer: With a season of drama, comedy,  and romance, it would be a travesty not to wrap it all up! This is the "Cody" Season Finale Post-Show and I am your host for tonight, Jerry Springer!
JS: This season of "Cody" started off with the so-called "weakest member" of Legacy, Cody Rhodes as he tried to make it on his own without his Legacy brethren. Let's take a look at the pilot episode (http://bleacherreport.com/articles/408703-cody-episode-1-pilot) of "Cody"...

JS: Now that's out of the way, please help me introduce the man who started it all....Cody Rhodes!


JS: *shakes hand* How are you doing tonight Cody?

Cody: I'm doing really fine, thanks Jerry.

JS: The first question I have to ask is that, how did this whole sitcom thing get started?

Cody: It's actually really funny, about less than a year ago, Vince approached myself, Ted and Randy about doing a reality show in order to promote Legacy a little bit more. We all agreed to it, although Vince told us it wouldn't necessarily be "reality" because the whole "reality" show would be in kayfabe. We got a so-so response from it, and once the whole show was wrapped up and done for, Vince approached me again and asked if I wanted to do a spin-off sitcom from it. I wasn't really sure if I was the funny type, but he told me we would play off the whole "Voices" gimmick that Randy was given, and we would go from there. In the production days, I met John Lithgow who was playing the voice of Willis, and he became a very good friend of mine. He's a really funny guy.

JS: Sounds interesting. I'm pretty sure all the guys in the audience tonight are wondering, how was it like having Claudia Lynx play Nicole?

Cody: *laughs* It was...interesting. In all seriousness, she's a total sweetheart and I loved working with her. She brought this positive aura to the set that just made it real pleasant to work there.

JS: Well everyone, help me introduce the girl that stole Cody's heart, Claudia Lynx!

Claudia: *walks out, hugs Cody and hugs Jerry*

JS: How are you doing Claudia?

CL: I'm doing great, thank you.

JS: Same question to you Claudia, how was it working with Mr. Rhodes?

CL: To start things off, he is a really good kisser. *laughs* It was really fun. I've never had so much fun working on a project like this.

JS: In this season, you had to cry, be mad, and exert so much emotions, how was that like?

CL: It was hard! First of all, I had to learn to cry on cue, which I had no idea of doing, and I thank Mr. Vince McMahon for having enough patience to work with me and allow me me to keep my job.

JS: Of course, we had you two as the main characters, but we are forgetting one, please welcome the man who played Willis, John Lithgow!

John: *walks out and hugs everyone*

JS: Now, John, you were actually one of the fan favorites of the season, why did they cut you short?

JL: It was actually in the storyline. See, I was merely helping Cody find himself, and once he found himself, I served no purpose. Although I did make a short surprise appearence if you remember correctly.

JS: I am a huge fan of the show, and I thought Willis was completely gut-busting! His sarcasm completely killed me!

JL: Yeah, Willis was funny guy, and I feel like he was kind of like my funny side, that i'd never been able to display in a project before.

JS: Of course, we had the main characters, and then, we had the supporting characters. Please help me welcome Randy Orton, Ted DiBiase, Santino Marella, and John Cena!

*all walk out and hug everyone*

JS: Now, gentlemen, how was the sitcom like?

Randy : It was fun, in "It's A Legacy Thang" I had to play a controlling tyrant, and here I got to be more of myself.

Ted: I had so much fun and I would definitely like to do something like this again. And of course, getting to kiss Claudia Lynx wasn't too bad either. *laughs*

Santino: It was awesome and i'm glad Mister MackMan wanted me to be a part of such a great show, hopefully Santino Marella will have his own show in the future!

Cena: I love to hang out with all these guys, so getting paid to do it just made the deal sweeter. I thought it was pretty fun as well, and I got to be more of myself as well.

JS: Now, Cody, one more question, what's going to happen with you and Nicole and the baby?

Cody: Well, I can't tell you, but if the fans want another season, they'll find out, slowly but surely...

JS: Well, it looks like that's all the time we have for the "Cody" Season Finale Post-Show, thanks for joining us tonight, and thanks for joining us for a great season! Please comment, like and vote on the poll! Thank you once again, I'm Jerry Springer and good night!


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