WWE's Matt Hardy, "If You Thought 2005 Was Controversial....."

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIISeptember 23, 2010

Back in 2005, WWE's Matt Hardy was the subject of the biggest professional wrestling angle of that year. It was one based on real-life issues with his family.

When someone breaks up, usually it's a private matter that doesn't concern anyone else. It just concerns the two in the relationship.

But when those two people work in the most popular pro-wrestling company in the world and are both big names in that organization, it makes news.

And the biggest part about it comes when that relationship ends because of one of the people in the relationship being unfaithful, and cheating on the other person with a person in the company.

Imagine if you work for AT&T, and Shelly and Mark are together for a long period of time. But, Mark gets hurt and has surgery. But Shelly has to keep working, and she hangs out with a friend of Mark's at work for lunch a few days. His name is Jerry.

Well, Jerry finds himself liking Shelly a lot. And Shelly, who has been with Mark for years and sees that Jerry may be able to give her more than Mark in a relationship.

Well, Shelly and Jerry find themselves in an affair of sorts. Mark hears of this, and goes nuts.

Now, imagine if that spat between Jerry, Mark, and Shelly were to make it on Worldwide TV. Well, that's exactly what happened with Lita, Matt Hardy, and Edge back in 2005.

Amy Dumas (Lita) had cheated on Matt with Adam Copeland according to the storyline. Basically the break up got on the Internet somehow and many heard she cheated with someone in the company.

No one knew who it was until WWE came out with Edge being the guy.

The problem is that no one is sure it was Edge who was the man that Lita cheated with. So, most think that he was used for the storyline only because of his friendship with Matt Hardy.

In any case, this storyline was one of the most controversial storylines in WWE history and is still talked about today. Talk about controversial, this storyline had all the makings of a major real life issue. Which brought a lot to the table for the WWE.

Not to mention, WWE RAW's ratings were doing very well weekly during this angle. It included regular matches, a Steel Cage match, Ladder match, etc. It made Edge sky rocket to the top with Lita as his manager and having a successful career of her own.

And Matt Hardy didn't do so bad either, as he moved on to great success in the tag division, even went on to win the US Title and ECW Title later on. But, then tragedy struck as he got injured seemingly every other month.

Matt couldn't work out because of certain injuries, yet still had to eat and couldn't always eat healthy because of his job making him be constantly on the move.

So, gaining weight was thought to be obvious. If Hardy wasn't already over with fans, many thought he would have been let go by now.

But, now Matt has hit the gym and the picture you see to the right is what he looks like right now. A far cry from his once overweight-looking body.

I for one am happy for him, because he deserves to get back in the limelight more. He is doing all he can, so why would he not be used right if the body he had was the issue and it is now fixed?

Matt Hardy actually made many of us think through Twitter today, and while I don't feel reading his tweets are always best, it may be a time to look into his tweet. You be the judge:

Things are about to get interesting, the WWW allows that nowadays-If people thought 2005 was controversial AT ALL-U ain't seen nothing yet! Because sometimes, "We Got To Fight The Powers That Be!"

Now, to me, this means that we will see something huge with his character on WWE TV soon. His body is absolutely different. And while he is not back to where he needs to be yet, he's got the body he needs to get a push again.

So, the WWE nor it's fans/Hardy haters, can talk about his weight being an issue.

He is now at a slimmer 220 pounds and looking great. He has obviously taken all of his free time to go back to the gym while away from WWE on break.

Once he comes back, he probably deserves to be put out into the main event scene if you ask me. He has the mic skills and is, in his words, in the best shape of his life.

If that is the case, and his wrestling is still great, then someone please tell me why he doesn't deserve a push in WWE.

If WWE does decide not to push him, then at that point, I'd leave if I were him.

There would be no reason to stay when you have done everything you could just to get where you want to be, then suddenly are treated unfairly.

But what do you think? Is Hardy blowing smoke again, or do you think this may be something to think about? Also, what do you think about Hardy's new look?


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