Why Darrelle Revis' Injury Will Not Cripple the Jets Defense

Chris Dela Rosa@chris_deezyContributor ISeptember 21, 2010

Darrelle Revis (Right) lined up against Randy Moss (Left) before Moss' touchdown catch from Tom Brady.
Darrelle Revis (Right) lined up against Randy Moss (Left) before Moss' touchdown catch from Tom Brady.Al Bello/Getty Images

Sunday afternoon during the first of two games between the Jets and Patriots, Tom Brady decided to run a play using the no-huddle which paid off for him and his teammates.  He threw it down the field to an open Randy Moss who caught the ball with one hand as if it it was one of the easiest things he was going to do all game.  Seconds after Moss caught the pass from Brady, Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis who was covering Moss on the play reached for his hamstring showing signs of an injury which Jets fans who suffered through the 36 day holdout for this one man do not want to see.

After that play, Revis spent the remainder of the first half on the trainer's table getting his left hamstring stretched out, comments swirled about whether Revis was just faking his injury because he got beat on the play, Cincinnati Bengals receiver Terrell Owens commented on Revis' injury on facebook by saying "I see the 'Revis Island' gettin exposed! Now his hammy is hurting!!".  The truth of the matter is, Revis is actually injured, for the remainder of the game, Darrelle Revis did not return to the field.  During the week leading up to the game against their rivals, Rex Ryan spoke of how Revis was limited during practice due to an issue with his hamstring but Ryan said he would definitely play on Sunday.

On Monday, it seemed the situation worsened for the Jets organization and its fans; Darrelle Revis had an MRI which shows that he has a strained left hamstring which will keep him from playing for 1-2 weeks.  Less than a month ago, Revis was signing a new contract because he thought he was worth much more than he was getting paid, only two games into the season, he is already under performing the expectations set by him and football spectators nationwide.

With the loss of Revis, it overshadows everything else the Jets defense did on Sunday afternoon.  The same game where Revis missed an entire half, the Jets intercepted Tom Brady twice (one of which came after Revis' departure), made him fumble as the Patriots tried to drive down the field for a late game comeback, and they did not allow a single point during the entire second half.

If you ask me, the Jets may be better off without Revis for a few weeks.  Since the season opener against Baltimore, the Jets secondary improved tremendously going up against top receivers like Wes Welker and Randy Moss.  Cornerbacks in Revis' shadow Cromartie and Wilson picked up the slack on Sunday, Cromartie had his second interception of the season and helped cause the second interception thrown by Brady where Randy Moss tipped it and new safety Brodney Pool snagged the pass.  Compared to how he played against the Ravens Kyle Wilson made sure he played aggressively and without the penalties which was what killed the Jets against Baltimore.

Although the Jets play a tough Miami Dolphins team, they just held the Patriots to 14 points which only came in the first half and without Revis for half of the game and with the same intensity and caution for penalties they had on Sunday there is no doubt that the Jets can be beat Miami.  On top of that, the offense is getting sharper with Mark Sanchez throwing better passes and a recharged LaDainian Tomlinson who is pushing for those extra yards at the ends of plays which all put together is an equation for success.


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