WWE Night of Champions: Each Of The Six Men Can Sniff It and Anybody Could Win

Chinmay@@iTsChinmaySenior Analyst IISeptember 17, 2010

WWE’s prestigious ‘Night of champions’ is just two nights away. For the first time in a while, any WWE PPV has created a buzz and we can rather expect NOC to live up to it.

Night of Champions is a night when all the titles in WWE are supposed to be defended. It is a night when champions become are born.

This year’s Night of champions has offered a good card. We have bright young stars on board along with all the veterans.

Almost all the matches on card barring one or two are of great interest and offer a good spectacle.

However, the main event of the night is highly intriguing. This intrigue is a result of combination of laziness of creative team and potential storylines that can unfold afterwards.

We have six men fighting each other over WWE championship in a ‘Six Men Elimination’ match. John Cena, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Edge, Wade Barret will be after Sheamus for the most coveted prize in the industry.

This match has four former champions along with rookie Wade Barret. That boy has a chance to shine at the biggest level in a real august company.

For a change, IWC and Internet spoilers cannot predict with 100% certainty that who is going to win this match. Everybody in this match has a reason to win WWE championship and everybody has a chance of not winning it.

I do not want to go all over again, on who is at odds of winning and who is the favorite. I will instead see how everybody has the reason to win this championship.

So after so much ado, let us get down to the business.


Let us give him the honor of being thought over first simply by the virtue of being defending champion.

I want to state one thing clearly, if Sheamus wins, it will not be for cementing his credibility and esteem. It will be for ending one unfinished business.

Sheamus will retain his belt so that whenever HHH comes back, he can haunt Sheamus and take away his belt.

It is absolutely necessary to keep Sheamus in title picture as long as the game is not back. Otherwise, this dead white fella has nothing else to do.

Other than return of the Triple H, Sheamus does not have any apparent reason to walk out as still the WWE champion.

John Cena

 To be very honest, John Cena is in this match because Wade Barret is also there. Other than that, Cena did not have any business in hell for jumping here.

However, since Cena is in the Title match we can always expect him to win. Actually, the way normal people catch cold and cough Cena catches title. It is not his fault. It just happens.

If Cena wins, Wade Barret directly comes in the picture for title in subsequent event. Nexus storyline is not done yet. Cena has to make them famous enough before their ultimate demise.

However, Cena winning does open up a door for renewal of Sheamus and Nexus’s truce.

Cena neither has any storyline, say with Orton/Edge/Jericho that is unfinished. People will throw thrash if any Sheamus/Cena rematch happens within next one year.

Therefore, if Cena wins, rematches are going to be a tough job of booking.

Randy Orton

The imminent face of WWE has some reasons to win this title.

He is damn hot at the moment. WWE championship will become a hot property once again if Orton wins. He is way too over with people. WWE has been falling prey to the habit of making hot face a champion for ages now.

Secondly, he has an unfinished business with Edge. We would love to see Edge vs. Orton in Hell in a Cell for WWE championship, ain’t we?

Thirdly, he has had an MVPesque streak at Pay per Views this year. Even great khali will not be jealous of this record.

It is nearly perfect time for him to become the champion.

Chris Jericho

This man is absolute treasure of WWE. He captivated all of us this week on Raw, and we will not mind if he does that every week as the champion.

WWE champion Chris Jericho offers us a chance to see Face RKO vs. Heel Jericho. This Feud if happens, will be awesome to say the least.

After his threat to leave WWE if he loses at NOC created havoc among IWC. If Raw is an indication of things to come, we are in for a surprise.  Jericho has been also showing some traits of Face turn.

However, his animosity with the GM is the most important sign for me. It definitely leads to bigger storyline. This prelude makes Jericho a very legit candidate for the title at NOC.

Wade Barret

The only challenger, who has a backup, has a real chance of winning.

Wade Barret, before his dialog writer was changed, used to scream about bigger picture repeatedly. After a while, they just forgot it. However, WWE is not TNA. WWE just have a memory lapse and they remember things afterwards. We can expect to get the first glimpse of bigger picture at NOC.

I am an optimist. I still think Nexus will interfere in WHC match for Kane and afterwards for Wade.

Smack down’s move to SyFy might start with huge interbrand angle.  

The mystery GM also points towards a possible reason for this young brit to win.


This person is the eternal dark horse and someone WWE has a great faith in.

First reason, he has a bone to pick up with virtually all of the five remaining people. Right from John Cena to his chameleon partner Jericho he can keep feuding with everybody.

More significantly, If Edge wins Orton remains a stranded lover. It offers a cash cow storyline. Mega heel vs. Mega face: that is how money is made.

Edge also has an immense charisma and rightful owner of any belt in the company.

Edge winning the title offers least trouble of booking for future shows. And he hardly needs a moment to grab his opportunity and to cash it

So, bleachers, this is my take. I have chosen not to pick favorites in article, though comments thread is open for that only. Let me know, who you think will win and why. Thanks for reading as always.


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