The 20 Coolest Trick Plays in Sports (Video)

Will FrasureCorrespondent ISeptember 15, 2010

The 20 Coolest Trick Plays In Sports (Video)

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    The fumblerooski, the statue of liberty, the reverse pass.

    Is there anything better than seeing one of these trick plays being pulled off?

    The creativity, the beauty, and the spontaneity are just some of the factors that make watching them so enjoyable. Fans' jaws drop over the intelligence and execution that unexpectedly shows up on the field.

    Ian Johnson, the man pictured above, will forever be known for scoring on a trick play. The Statue of Liberty play set up by Jared Zabransky sealed the Broncos' win over Oklahoma in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl.

    Boise's hook-and-ladder also will never be forgotten. Chris Peterson showed how bold he was, going for such a crazy play in a game with so much meaning.

    Like the Broncos proved, trick plays can get you remembered for years after the feat. But where do those plays rank on the list of coolest trick plays ever?

    Follow this list to find out.

20. Barking Dog Trick

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    My grade school team tried to pull this off once. Let's just say it didn't work out, and one of my best friends looked like a fool as he barked like a dog.

    But if the in-bounds team can actually distract its opponents, this one can work to perfection, leading to an easy lay-up.

19. Stealing Home

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    With a slow wind-up pitcher and a speedy runner on third, it isn't so crazy to see this play happen.

    Chris Nelson's steal home against the Reds shown here in a perfect example of it. The Rockies distract pitcher Nick Massett, allowing Nelson to quickly steal home to take the lead.

18. Football Skip Pass

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    Skip passes might usually be associated with basketball, but Presbyterian pulled it out here in their first game ever against an FCS team.

    The Demon Deacons assume the ball is dead when it hits the ground, but because the pass was behind the line, it counts as a fumble. This allows the Presbyterian receiver to find a man wide-open downfield.

17. Off-The-Back In-Bounds Pass

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    The classic basketball trick play.

    Here we see one of the most cunning basketball players in the league pull it off against Kobe. He executes it to perfection. That Chauncey is definitely a wily ole veteran.

16. Fake Overhead Punt

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    Like many trick plays on this list, pee-wee players are the masters of this play.

    The punter acts like the snap went over his head, distracting the defense. All this occurs while the ball is actually snapped to one of the up-backs, who promptly runs with the defense caught off guard.

15. Fake Kickoff

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    Saints' coach Sean Payton showed his moxie by pulling this off in the Super Bowl last season. It might also have been the biggest factor in the Saints' bringing home the Super Bowl.

    Basically, the kickoff team catches the return squad off guard by squibbing a quick kick while they are prepared for a long one. Sometimes, the kicker will kick it straight ahead and go after the ball. Here, Thomas Morstead kicks it to the side in hopes of the Saints recovering it.

14. Off the Heezy

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    The basketball trick play made famous by NBA Street video games and And 1 mixtapes.

    Basically, the ball-handler catches the defender off guard with a quick bounce off the face. While his opponent is distracted, the guy with the ball drives or shoots while wide-open.

13. Flea Flicker

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    The mother of all football trick plays, this one has been in the game for decades.

    The running back receives the ball, fakes the run, then pitches it back to the quarterback. He then promptly tosses a deep pass to a wide-open receiver.

    I don't know about you, but this has worked for me over a million times throughout my Madden career.

12. Off-the-Backboard Pass

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    In my NBA Street Vol. 2 days, this was probably my favorite move to perform.

    The player with the ball throws a streaming pass off the backboard, either back to himself or to another player. It's rare to see it in the pros, but Kobe pulls it off with perfection here in this play.

11. Hidden Ball Trick

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    Rookie of the Year inspired my love for this one. I'd never thought I'd actually see it in a real game, though.

    It's so hard to pull off do to all the rules that deal with balks. Rarely will you see a manager attempt such a move as the level of competition increases.

    But LSU pulled it off here, although the call from the umpire is a little questionable.

10. A "Legg" Up

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    When you execute a trick play this well, it deserves to be called your last name.

    Mike Legg, a former Michigan hockey player, cradles the puck while behind the goal. When he slips it into the top of the net, the Minnesota goalie has no idea how to react.

9. Fake Behind-the-Back Pass

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    Baron Davis works this one perfectly right here.

    On a fast break, the dribbler fakes the behind the back pass to a trailing teammate. The defender is juked out of his shoes, leaving a wide-open path to the basket.

8. Fake Tennis Slam

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    Victor Hanescu pulls this off to perfection here.

    With his opponent getting ready to recover a hard slam, Hanescu misses, but then taps it over the net right before the ball hits the ground.

    His opponent had no chance.

7. Wrong Ball Trick

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    This one's just cruel.

    The quarterback walks toward his head coach, clamoring for a new, clean football. As he carries the ball over, he stops and sprints toward the end zone as the defense stands idly by.

    If I ever become a grade school coach, this is going in my playbook.

6. Backwards Golf Shot

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    Alright, this is nearly impossible. I guess that's why Phil Mickelson is the one demonstrating it.

    With the golf ball on a slope, Mickelson hits the ball with enough backward spin to send it toward the pin.

5. Reverse Pass

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    This is another football trick play that's pretty common, but it always seems to catch the defense off guard.

    I'm surprised Pittsburgh didn't run this more a few years ago, with two former quarterbacks playing receiver for them. Antwaan Randle El and Hines Ward both were exceptional signal callers in their college days.

4. Through-The-Leg Tennis Shot

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    This one's seen all the time, but it never gets old seeing a pro like Roger Federrer pull it off.

    The concentration and precision that goes along with pulling this off is astounding. No wonder the guy is one of the top tennis players ever.

3. Hook and Ladder

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    And we finally arrive at the Boise State plays.

    When this is executed perfectly, it is arguably the prettiest play in sports. If set up well, the trailing receiver should have tons of space to work with after the pitch.

2. Statue of Liberty

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    Chris Peterson had to be insane to go with such a play call. But it worked, and his Broncos will forever be known for their victory against the Sooners.

    Quarterback Jared Zabransky fakes the throw while tucking the ball behind his back. Johnson is just able to take it and run easily for the end zone.

1. The Fumblerooski

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    And finally, the mother of all football trick plays.

    Nebraska made the play famous in 1984. Ever since, linemen have been waiting for the day when their coach would give them the chance to carry the ball.