Reading Between The Lies: How The Broncos, McDaniels Kept You In The Dark

D. WebbCorrespondent ISeptember 9, 2010

DENVER - NOVEMBER 26:  Head coach Josh McDaniels of the Denver Broncos looks on from the sidelines as he leads his team against the New York Giants during NFL action at Invesco Field at Mile High on November 26, 2009 in Denver, Colorado.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Rumors, speculation and random misinformation are running rampant through Dove Valley. Millions of Bronco and Gator fans are waiting on the answers to some key questions; will Tebow play? Is Thomas healthy? What about the defense?


Josh McDaniels is holding more secrets than the Warren Commission, M K Ultra and Project Bluebook combined. Josh McDaniels is the living embodiment of the old saying “Loose lips sink ships!”  Apparently his “team first” and “smart, nasty, tough” policy seemingly also extends to the approach to media relations as well.


McDaniels has been vague and evasive from the opening minutes of  OTAs. He has run camp and the preseason like a covert black ops director in enemy territory.


The Draft:


McDaniels told Tebow before the draft that the Broncos were picking him. You think it was a coincidence that Tebow had 30 Broncos hats for his whole family 3 seconds after it was announced? That he declined the Draft invite to New York at the last minute?


Thomas was also assured by the Broncos that they would be selecting him. Beadles has a Line coach and other Broncos staff here (SLC Utah) the week leading up to the draft.  


With the selections of Decker, Walton,  Cox, and Thompson, The Broncos filled critical needs and hit gold on almost every pick with arguably the two steals of the draft Decker and Cox. Thompson will certainly via for honorable mention.


The QB Competition:


From the very beginning he declared a open competition at every position, allowing him to do personnel evaluations and disguise Defensive trials as finding out what players can do at other positions.


 Declared a QB competition to throw off what he was really doing at the position. From early on he intended to push Orton with Quinn and the winner of that would split time with Tebow in a Leak Tebow type rotation.


McDaniels has also intentionally mislead the media and at some points outright lied when the subterfuge wasn’t working. He was always very careful to couch his words so as to hide his true meaning, but yet still be technically accurate.


Example: “Kyle is our Starter” back in April. In the same breath he said the equivalent of “the depth chart isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on”. Then he quietly fielded trade inquiries for Kyle Orton from at least Minnesota and Jacksonville; only to deny it later by saying “We are not currently considering trades of any of our QBs” when the Jacksonville papers had already reported the inquiries for Quinn and as a second option Orton. The key word there was ‘currently’.


 Faking Injuries:


Wouldn’t go that far, but there is the over exaggeration of key injuries to important players. It was especially easy to stir the Bronco Haters in the media. Buckhalter and Moreno’s injuries and especially Clady’s were allowed to seem dire and tragic for the Broncos chances.  Tebow’s rib ailment was the talk of every football board in existence. Some simple intercostals bruising and cartilage strained was the end of Tebow’s invincibility; Superman was dead!


Factor in the Dumervil tragedy and you start to see how the injury pandemic seemed to have ended the chances of a good season. As we are now seeing that is far from the case and all of the key players are suddenly getting healthy just at the right time.


Even the injuries to Decker and Thomas in the stadium scrimmage were allowed to run wild with speculation. It was obvious from Decker’s play that he didn’t seriously aggravate the injury to his foot. The Thomas affair is more clandestine and full of misdirection. 


Hiding a Secret Weapon:


Josh McDaniels could have schooled Saddam Hussien lessons in hiding WMDs.While Decker is a fairly known commodity, Thomas is not. Josh and the staff have hidden Bey Bey away like a scud missile from Israeli Massoud  operatives!  


The deception starts at the most basic level. Thomas is listed at 6’3, 23oish and anybody who has stood near the guy knows that is just a flat out lie. You can’t forget that they listed Marshall as 6’3 also and he is in fact (known to every DB that ever faced him) 6’5.


Thomas’s speed at that size is unbelievable. He didn’t run at the combine but his YouTube timed 40 was a screaming 4.38, that would have made him the second fastest time at the combine. His vertical would have been second only to Joe Webb.


The Cloak and Dagger:


Why all the misdirection? In the case of Thomas it is keeping a secret weapon under wraps. Trust me as a former DB seeing a guy that big that physical for the first time in person 3 seconds before you have to cover him is terribly disheartening and impossible to game plan for. Thomas and Decker will terrorize d-backs in this league for a decade.

 Overall the Broncos front office and coaching staff have led a masterful campaign of disinformation and misinformation. They have manipulated the media, opposing teams, and the 'experts' into low expectations and as a result will fly under the radar till it's too late for most of the teams on the first half of the schedule.

Look for many more things to show themselves and make you say "Hey wait a minute! where did that come from!"

This season will be full of surprises and I for one cannot wait for some Broncos football!


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