2008-2009 Is NOT the Montreal Canadiens' 100th Season!

Daniel Bigras@@tricoloreCorrespondent IAugust 8, 2008

(Updated 2008-08-12)

See below

(Updated 2008-08-09)

I’m baffled.

I just cannot believe that so many paid journalists are making this ridiculous mistake! A mistake done by most major media, even by the Montreal Canadiens themselves!

The 2008-2009 season will NOT be the Montreal Canadiens’ 100th season!

The Club de Hockey Canadien was founded on December 4, 1909. Therefore, on December 4, 2009, the Montreal Canadiens will celebrate their 100th anniversary. On that fact, everyone agrees, no mistakes are made.

December 4th 2009 will occur during the 2009-2010 season, not during the 2008-2009 season. Therefore 2009-2010 will be the 100th anniversary season, not 2008-2009.

Why are we rushing it? Why so many Facebooks group are created? Why so much focus on 2008-2009 when it should be next season?

Are we eager to say: “Hey, Montreal, Happy 100th—and let’s be done with it!”?

Yes, 2009 is the centennial year, the year where the 100th anniversary will occur, but it has NOTHING to do with the 2008-2009 season.

On October 10th 2008, Montreal will start their 99th season, not their 100th.

Did we forget that we lost a season in 2004-2005? Therefore, Montreal will start their 100th season next year, in October 2009.

"The 2004–05 NHL season would have been the 88th regular season of the National Hockey League (NHL)." - Wikipedia

Would have, therefore it wasn't. Therefore it cannot be counted.

Any mathematician, programmer, database owner will not count 2004-2005 as a season. Just look at hockeydb, count each season manually, you will reach 98 like me.

In a way, it’s better like this, because 2009-2010 will be the 100th season celebrating Montreal’s 100th anniversary.

So, let’s get the facts straight:

2008-2009 is the Montreal Canadiens’ 99th season.

2009 is the centennial year, because Montreal will celebrate their anniversary on December 4, 2009.

2009-2010 will be Montreal’s 100th season.

Sorry to burst so many bubbles.

The logo 25 for 100 will have to be changed to 25 for 99, or postponed until next year.

This also implies that there shouldn't any fuss made about the fact that Montreal is not getting an outdoor game this season—it should occur next season, and I hope it does!

Examples of these mistakes:


(Updated 2008-08-12)

I contaced the Canadiens and they called me back. The Canadiens Archivist called me back and he was in disbelief! They are under the complete impression that it's the 92nd season. While even the NHL's communication is saying that the upcoming season is the 91st.


I contacted the NHL's Public Relations in New York and they were a bit surprised. They will contact me back.

In short, the problem is major.

The Canadiens thinks it's their 92nd season, while the NHL and everywhere on the Internet, it's the 91st.


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