Josh Smith Signed to an Offer Sheet by the Memphis Grizzlies

gregory caldarellaAnalyst IAugust 8, 2008

It has been reported that the Memphis Grizzlies have signed Atlanta Hawks combo forward Josh Smith to an offer sheet. The deal is reported to be worth $58 million, but the number of years is not yet known.

The Hawks have repeatedly said that they would match any offers for Smith, but now we shall see if that statement holds true. Who knows what the Hawks are thinking any   more in terms of signing their players? This franchise would be out its mind to let such a talent walk away.

The Grizz would make a huge addition to their team if their offer is in fact not matched by Atlanta. Just envision a very young and talented squad that includes Josh Smith at PF, Rudy Gay at SF, O.J. Mayo at SG, and Mike Conley at PG. That would be very exciting for Memphis fans, and they might actually see Memphis make a run at the playoffs in the Western Conference.

It would be difficult to cope with losing Josh Childress and Josh Smith in one off season if you are a Hawks fan. If this happens, then maybe the franchise is just sending a message—"No Joshs allowed."

Re-signing Smith has to be their top priority—but at this point nothing, the Hawks do will surprise me. 


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