Kevin Cosgrove in Where Are They Now? The Bill Callahan Regime

C CContributor IAugust 6, 2008

Kevin Cosgrove, Defensive Coordinator, 2004-2007

THEN: Maybe second to only Steve Pederson as the fiercest offender of Big Red tradition, Cosgrove piloted the worst defensive effort in the rich 117-year history of the program.  The Faithful know the stats—114th in scoring defense (37.9), 112th in total defense (467.8 yard a game), and 116th in rush defense (232.2 yards a game).

Sprinkled with a little Pederson arrogance and a dash of Callahan ambivalence, Cosgrove's apathetic defense added the final ingredient to the '07 recipe for disaster.

NOW: Signed on as volunteer with his son's Edgewood High School football program back in Madison, Wisconsin, Cosgrove just could not resist the temptation to stuff another playcard down his pants, throw on some women's Oakley sunglasses, and pretend to understand tradition by dressing monochromatic.

Cosgrove spent most of the summer tooling around the homefront with the latest Time magazine jacked down the front of his Wranglers and using the refrigerator's dry erase board to overanalyze how he was going to navigate the morning paper.  Having had enough, Mrs. Cosgrove finally encouraged her husband to pull the Sudoku out of his waistband and do something productive this fall.

LINE TO REMEMBER: "Hey Dad, where did you put my homework?"

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