Kristin Cavallari has Jay Cutler heading for the Hills! WAG update! Pics

Kevin MurphyCorrespondent ISeptember 2, 2010

Kristin Cavallari has Jay Cutler heading for the Hills! WAG update! Pics

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    First it was Tony Romo making waves in the WAG department with Candice Crawford, and now it's Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler having some fun with a blonde of his own.

    We aren't talking about your ordinary blonde though.  We are talking about Kristin Cavallari, the Laguna Beach/Hills star who at one time was linked to Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. 

    What can I say? The girl likes her quarterbacks.

    Cutler and Cavallari have been spotted all over Chicago together, and have not been shy about hiding their feelings for one another. 

    The regular season hasn't even started yet, but the WAGs are in midseason form.  Congratulations, Kristin Cavallari! 

    You are officially one of them now.  Let's take a closer look at the latest WAG to join the party.

Cutler's bed?

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    Cavallari does have Chicago roots as she grew up in Barrington, Ill., a suburb an hour northwest of Chicago. 

    It wasn't until her freshman year when Cavallari finally made the jump to Laguna Beach, Calif.

Surfs up!

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    It was Cavallari's Junior year of high school when the reality show, Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County launched, and really put Cavallari on the map.

It's the, "I'm a WAG look!"

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    When Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County came to an end, Cavallari enrolled at the University of Southern California. 

    The attempt at college was short-lived as Cavallari would eventually attempt to jump-start an acting career.

Baby got back

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    In February 2006, Cavallari signed on the UPN reality television series, Get This Party Started.

    Don't remember it, do you?  This could be due to the fact it was canceled after just two episodes.

Footballs Jay won't be fumbling

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    Cavallari guest starred on Veronica Mars, another UPN series, and has also appeared on CSI: New York, Cane, and Adventures in Hollywood.

That's gonna get the job done

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    Later in 2006, Cavallari played Crystal in the horror film, Fingerprints. 

    The film won Best Feature at the 2006 New York City Horror Film Festival, and was released in 2007. 

    It later premiered at Screamfest on Oct. 16, 2009.

Loves that hip

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    In 2008 Cavallari had a supporting role in Spring Breakdown, and this one went straight to DVD, folks. 

    Cavallari also starred in independent film Green Flash in 2009.  I haven't heard of it, either.

Skinny dip?

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    In 2009 Cavallari also starred in Wild Cherry as Trish, and also starred in another straight to DVD film, National Lampoon's Van Wilder: Freshman Year as Kaitlyn.

    You have got to love this girl's "never give up" attitude!  Her next straight to DVD film should be arriving soon, so stay tuned, people.

Anyone wanna help tie this?

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    Finally in 2009 Cavallari came to her senses.  She decided to return to her bread and butter.

    In May 2009, Cavallari confirmed that she would be joining the cast of the popular MTV reality series The Hills.

Nice stomach!

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    Little did the sports world know that after The Hills came to an end, Cavallari would be sacking Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. 

    The rumors began to fly when the two were seen getting very cozy at the Angels and Kings bar in Chicago over the weekend.

The hat...

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    Cutler is downplaying any type of serious relationship, insisting the two only had dinner together. 

    That's fine Jay, but what about the reports of you two being all over one another at several hot spots in Chicago? 

    Oh...and then their is the photo of Cavallari sporting that Chicago Bears hat, which has done nothing but throw fuel on the fire. 

    This looks as official as official can be.  Welcome to the WAG club, Kristin.  Enjoy your stay!