New Jersey Devils: Will the Ilya Kovalchuk Saga Never End?

Imtiaz FerdousCorrespondent IISeptember 1, 2010

NEWARK, NJ - JULY 20:  (L-R) General Manager Lou Lamoriello, owner Jeff Vanderbeek, Ilya Kovalchuk, and head coach John Maclean of the New Jersey Devils speak with the media during a press conference announcing his contract renewal at the Prudential Center on July 20, 2010 in Newark, New Jersey.  (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

It just will not end! I swear our grand-kids will be talking about where Ilya Kovalchuk will sign, for how much and if it is cap circumvention. The deadline has been extended, so the ruling for the new contract is now due at 5:00 PM this Friday!

What on Earth is Gary Bettman waiting for? I admit I am biased and have yelled for this contract to be void as well, but come on. There has to be a way to speed up the process. Might I recommend putting Kovalchuk through a polygraph machine asking him whether he plans to retire well before the contract ends.ย 

The main reason for my frustration is not the deadline has been extended. My main problem is why did they give a deadline of Wednesday if they had to extend it? Now we have to look at any deadline they give us with reticence.

On the bright side, they can force Kovalchuk to miss training camp until his contract is signed. This would be a problem for New Jersey as they will try to make him defensively responsible, and missing camp is not the way to begin that. Personally I hope Bettman is just considering what punishment to give them.

At the end of the day this contract is still trying to circumvent the cap. The fact that people compare how this contract is better than the one they rejected does not show it should be accepted. Of course it has to be better, otherwise Bettman will not even look at it.