Byron Westbrook Still a Redskin? Update, apprently not, wait a second...

Josh McCainSenior Writer ISeptember 1, 2010

LANDOVER, MD - 2009:  Byron Westbrook of the Washington Redskins poses for his 2009 NFL headshot at photo day in Landover, Maryland.  (Photo by NFL Photos)
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Last night Adam Schefter of ESPN tweeted that the Washington Redskins had cut cornerback Byron Westbrook.

"Many wanted RB Brian Westbrook to sign with Washington to play with brother Byron. But Redskins released Westbrook. No Wash Westbrook's now."

This of course was news to Byron who was getting ready to board a plan to Arizona and was expected to start in that game.

In fact many of Westbrook's teammates (Kareem Moore, Andre Carter, and Lorenzo Alexander) tweeted condolences to him.

Also Schefter tweeted that the Buffalo Bills have inquired about trading for Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart.

The Bills are denying the report.

Though Schefter has tweeted that fact since.

"Bills are adamant they are not trading for Matt Leinart, despite discussions they did have this summer with the Cardinals for the QB."

The question now is "how quickly do we trust or rely on tweets from well respected reporters?"

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Now, I'm not saying Schefter falsified these reports, like embattled Washington Post columnist Mike Wise did the other day with the "Big Ben Suspension," but in this race to break stories and social networks like Twitter and Facebook allowing you to get the story out there quicker than writing it up for a website like ESPN.com how much fact checking is going down?

I know these reporters want to be the one to break the story, but isn't it better to be right than first?

Either way I'm sure they'll better adapt to Twitter and we'll see fewer wrong reports in the near future.


Though the Redskins would not comment earlier today on the Shefter report and Westbrook telling ESPN980 he was still on the team, the Redskins have indeed released Westbrook (reports The Washington Post).


Apparently no one knows the fate of Byron Westbrook.  Since my last update the Washington Post has taken down their story that ESPN's Adam Schefter was right about Westbrook being cut and now Schefter has just tweeted that Westbrook remains with the team..

I honestly can't believe I've spend this much time writing and updating about Byron Westbrook. 

Hopefully the Redskins release some sort of statement to clear all of this up.  Or we'll just have to wait and see if he suits up on Thursday.

Either way, with all this speculation Westbrook can't feel good about this chances of making the 53 man roster.

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