Furr Fled: Why Auburn Safety Deron Furr Quit

Drew EmersonCorrespondent IAugust 6, 2008

After missing a couple of days of practice, it has now become apparent that four-star recruit Deron Furr has left Auburn for good.

On Saturday, August 2, Furr was the target of a brawl amongst the Auburn defensive backs.  Apparently he was dragging a little, and the group tried to impose some self-made justice. 

By the end, much of the first and second string DBs were on top of Furr.  It is not known at this time whether there was an actual fistfight between Furr and any of the other players, but it has been confirmed that the altercation left Furr on hands and knees unable to stand without assistance by the trainers.

Furr, a quarterback from Carver High in Georgia, was recruited as an athlete for his size and quickness.  After practicing at quarterback in a fourth string role, he was given an opportunity to start on the defensive side of the ball.

My own conclusion is that he may be guilty of a youthful mistake.  It was hot outside, and he started a little self-pitying—which senior players do not take kindly to.

Senior leaders are expected to be tough on their younger counterparts.  This is because those younger players should look up to and respect the athletes that have proven themselves on the field of play already.

If he has officially left the team, I hope this may act as motivation for the rest of the team to show how tough these young men truly need to be to cut it in SEC football.  I wish him well wherever he ends up, but I hate to see that such a good athlete could not make it at Auburn.

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