Manny Ramirez: Top Ten "Manny Being Manny" Moments

Kelly Scaletta@@KellyScalettaFeatured ColumnistAugust 30, 2010

Manny Ramirez: Top Ten "Manny Being Manny" Moments

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    The next act of the One-Man(ny) Show is moving to a new location. In honor of this momentous occasion, here are the top 10 "Manny Being Manny" moments of all time. 

Manny Leaves His Paycheck in His Shoe

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    How can we have a "Manny Being Manny" countdown without including the original MbM moment?

    Manny received his paycheck on the road and forgot it in a pair of shoes in the visitors' locker room, leading to the first printing of the phrase "Manny being Manny."

Manny Phones Home

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    Every once in a while Manny decides to take a break.

    Once during a call to the bullpen, he climbed into the Green Monster to place his own phone call.

    Another time, he was thirsty and decided to climb into the wall for a sports drink.

When Manny's Gotta Go, Manny's Gotta Go

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    Once, it wasn't the pitcher who was being relieved; Manny relieved himself...during the inning! An out was actually recorded while he was gone. 

Manny Has an Ouchie!!

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    While playing with Cleveland Manny would occasionally take himself out of games with "sore calves" How's Manny supposed to play with an ouchie?!?!

Manny Being Womanly

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    When Manny failed a drug test because the women's fertility hormone hCG, a common masking agent for steroids, was found in his system, Manny explained he wasn't using it for that reason.

    Maybe he was trying to get pregnant?

Manny Slams Secretary

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    Manny offered his version of Denny's Grand Slam special when he slammed senior citizen (and Red Sox traveling secretary) Jack McCormick to the ground in a dispute over guest passes to the game. 

Manny's Pharyngitis Party

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    Once Manny missed a series with the Yankees due to "pharyngitis." That didn't stop him from partying it up with the Yankees Enrique Wilson, though.

    Red Sox fans can't conceive of a worse sin than not playing against the Yankees, but partying with them instead. 

Manny's "Good Times"

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    While with the Red Sox, Manny once asked that his intro song be Good Times by Styles P, a song about getting high that uses profanity.

    Hey, there are kids in the stands, Manny!

Three Strike Manny

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    In his final at-bat in Boston, he stood with his bat on his shoulder as three consecutive pitches pierced the middle of the strike zone.

    He became one of only three hitters in history to face Mariano and strike out on three pitches without a single swing. It didn't seem accidental. 

One Strike Manny

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    In his final at-bat with the Dodgers, Manny wasn't so patient.

    He watched strike one go by, argued the call, got tossed, and waved goodbye to the fans with one finger on his way out of L.A. 

Manny, Meet Ozzie

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    With manager Ozzie Guillen as his new boss, one can hardly wait to see what's sort of odd behavior is in store for the next act of the One-Man(ny) Show.

    Of course 10 slides could never fully cover all the MbM moments, so feel free to add your own. Even come up with your own Manny being _________ to the event!