Ten Burning Questions for the College Football Season

MB MBSenior Analyst IAugust 5, 2008

Here is a list of 10 questions for the upcoming college football season.

1. Who wins in a 40-yard dash: Kansas head coach Mark Mangino or Maryland head coach Ralph "The Fridge" Friedgen?

2. Is there any place better on game days for good-looking girls than what "The Grove" at Ole Miss produces?

3. It's 3rd-and-10 in the fourth quarter of a close game.  The quarterback must throw the ball.  You can select any QB in the nation.  Who do you pick to convert?

4. Could Tim Tebow start at linebacker in the WAC?

5. True or False: Of all the big-time programs, Michigan has the ugliest-looking girls on game days.

6.Would you rather have your team lose in a New Year's Day bowl or win the Emerald Nuts Bowl in San Francisco?

7. Better offensive mind: June Jones of SMU or Mike Leach of Texas Tech?

8. You can have any QB in the Big 12 for this season only.  Who do you select?

9. If O.J. "The Juice" Simpson became the recruiting coordinator at USC for next season, do they still get the best recruits in the country?  (He would be the only one on the staff allowed inside the recruits’ homes.)

10. If Brett Favre went back to Southern Mississippi for this season, do they go to a BCS game?