Pittsburgh Joins The AFL

Bryan BrackneyAnalyst IAugust 21, 2010


Rob Rossi of the Pittsburgh Review-Tribune is reporting that a Pittsburgh franchise has joined the Arena Football League. According to Rossi, former Steelers wide receiver Lynn Swan will be a member of the franchise's ownership.

"We have had discussions with multiple potential ownership groups in recent years and months about Pittsburgh," AFL Exec Chris McCloskey said in 2007. "The league remains bullish about the market for obvious reasons."

“I am hoping it happens,” said AFL commishoner Ed Policy in 2009. “Pittsburgh is a great football market and there is lot of interest from various groups.”

Matt Shaner the Chief Executive Officer of Shaner Investments L.P is also joining the Pittsburgh ownership group.

“We’re very excited about it,” Swann said. “I think the Pittsburgh Power is a great name. We’ll be black and gold and tap into that excitement and fan base here in Pittsburgh.

“To be a part of a new team and help build it from the ground up was intriguing. I believe the Shaner family and Shaner Investments has the financial legs to be the primary and majority owner for a long period of time. That’s important. To me it represents a great opportunity.”