MLB's Five Fastest Players

Bleacher ReportContributor IAugust 20, 2010

MLB's Five Fastest Players

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    These are the five fastest players in Major League Baseball, based on Bill James' speed score, which takes into account four components: SB%, 3B%, frequency of SB attempts, and runs scored %. 

5. BJ Upton

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    Upton has stolen 35 bases this year, and been caught stealing just 7 times, for an 83% stolen base rate. He also has 3 triples and has scored 66 runs. 

4. Jose Reyes

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    Jose Reyes has been slower than usual this year, after sustaining injuries last year, but has still managed to steal 26 bases. He has been caught stealing 7 times, for a stolen base rate of 79%. He has also compiled 8 triples this year, along with 69 runs scored. 

3. Brett Gardner

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    Brett Gardner has emerged as a major stolen base threat, stealing 35 bases this year. He has been caught stealing just 7 times, for an impressive 83% stolen base rate. He also has managed to leg out 4 triples and score 74 runs. 

2. Shane Victorino

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    The Flyin' Hawaiian has rightfully earned his nickname, stealing 23 bases this year. What's even more amazing is that he's been caught stealing just 3 times, for an astronomical 88% stolen base rate. He's also amassed 8 triples and 63 runs scored this season. 

1. Carl Crawford

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    Carl Crawford is undoubtedly the fastest man in baseball, stealing 39 bases this season. He's been caught stealing 9 times, and has an 81% stolen base rate. He's also legged out 8 triples and scored 86 runs. 

Honorable Mentions

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    Drew Stubbs, Angel Pagan, Cliff Pennington, Michael Bourn, and Carlos Gonzalez are among the other top speedsters in the majors. Lastly, Jacoby Ellsbury would normally have made this list, but due to injuries all year, he has not had the opportunity to show off his speed.