Would You Say No to 25 Million Dollars? Well Brett Favre Did...

Dan SnodgrassCorrespondent IAugust 4, 2008

As Most of you have already been informed Brett Farve has turned down his $25 million dollars to stay retired and was reinstated by the NFL Commissioner on Sunday August 3rd 2008. When Farve returns if the Packers do not want him any more they will most likely trade him to the New York Jets but if Farve is kept he will be the Second String QB which puts alot of pressure on the First String QB because if he makes 1 bad mistake he would be benched for Farve. Now back to my original point Brett Farve was offered $25 million dollars to stay retired and he didn't take it what an idiot and it is making a terrible end to his career because he cried in the press conference where he said he was going to retire and now he is coming back, you know i used to have alot of respect for him as a QB but now he has lost it all.

Dan Snodgrass


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