When Will Serena Williams Explode Again?

Michael CasentiCorrespondent IAugust 17, 2010

The sun shines into a crowd in a stadium.  Two women stand on a floor designed with rectangles and squares, divided by a long net.  There are distant sounds of honks and clip-clops, but it is hard to listen to those faint sounds of New York when the whole crowd is booing and jeering.  There is tension in the air, and the crowd is no quieter than in Paris.  

The darker skinned woman put her hands around her hips, and is engaged in a conversation with an aging, lean man, a slightly plump blond, and most notably, an unimposing Japanese lines woman.  The African American woman throws her racket to the floor, and shakes the frizzy-haired woman who occupied the other side of the net.

It is the ladies semifinal between Serena Williams and Kim Clijsters, and Williams is defaulted.  When does that happen in a tennis match?  The crowd gasps and screams, and the chaos can be heard and sensed from outside Arthur Ashe Stadium.  

Serena Williams has been well behaved so far this year, but will she erupt in anger that she has held back the whole year?  And more importantly, will it happen at the US Open?  If that happens, she will be suspended from the next grand slams.  That is a must-not-do for Serena Williams, who tends to peak at the grand slams.  

However, as in '09, Serena has sometimes found it difficult to contain her anger, although everyone does that occasionally.  In her press conference, Williams said she had "never been in a fight before."  How ridiculous!  She's telling the whole world she has never been in a fight?  Even older sister Venus is sure to have fought with someone!

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This year's last chance to bag some silverware is coming soon.  Will Serena Williams behave herself, or threaten a lines judge again, or maybe a chair umpire?  We have to wait and see, but the workers at Flushing Meadows should be grateful if no incident happens involving the name Serena Williams.