"The Last Shot"

Wayne TestoriCorrespondent IIAugust 16, 2010

"The Last Shot"

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    The Last Shot takes a satirical aim at the athletes and events making news in the world of sports. This week, Albert Haynesworth, David Beckham, Lebron James… and more.

"The Behind Side"

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    Albert Haynesworth triumphant completion of a rudimentary conditioning drill at the Washington Redskins training camp has inspired Hollywood to release a new film that captures this $41 million dollar superstar’s personal victory.

"Urine or Out"

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    The NBA is considering adding a new wrinkle to the leagues anti-drug program.  As an incentive, players will be exempt from random testing if they can fill a specimen cup from the three-point range.

"UFC Heads North"

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    In Canada, the Ontario government announced they will now allow MMA fights to be held in that province.  There’s just one catch, the octagon canvas will be replaced by a sheet of ice.

"Bend It Like Betty"

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    Bad week for David Beckham.  First he was labeled too old to play for his native England, then he found out the L.A. Galaxy plan to replace him with a much sprier Betty White.


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    Lebron James gets heckled at an amusement park for missing free throws. The NBA’er announces for the rest of the summer he will be relaxing at the only theme park where his free throwing skills will be appreciated – Shaqland.