No Recovery: To Strengthen Nexus, WWE Writers Destroy SummerSlam

A. Version 2.0Analyst IIAugust 11, 2010

Nexus means trouble
Nexus means trouble

World Wrestling Entertainment has always done what they feel is best for the fans, whether it was going PG or making John Cena the biggest star in Pro Wrestling, they always have a point behind everything they do and have done.

I look at the sliver lining and keep thinking to myself, "hey, it could be worse," and because of this little saying, I still find myself watching their weekly programming and buying their monthly $40, low quality Pay-Per-Views.

Unfortunately, I won't be spending that money on the WWE's second biggest PPV of the year, SummerSlam, this time around.

I remember back in the day when EVERY match leading up to a PPV was actually hyped up and had credibility when it took place. A time when actual preparation on the PPV card took place and when what occurred was not just last minute additions. 

But those days are long gone.

Over the last year or so, the WWE has only focused on the big, fancy name match and has thrown the other matches as simply desperate compliment pieces to their PPV.

Their latest PPV, SummerSlam, will be no different.

How many times have you seen promos for the Team WWE vs. Nexus? A lot, right?

Now, how many promos have you seen for the Heavyweight Title matches? Not so many.

For some insane reason, this match is getting more hype than the most important matches of the night.

The Nexus takes up most of the time on Monday Night Raw and doesn't allow any other significant feuds or storylines to form, and it also doesn't allow existing feuds to advance, thereby making SummerSlam an overrated PPV, something it never was before.

I mean, whatever happened to the Uso's vs. Hart feud? When did that end? Oh yeah, it happened when the writers decided Nexus needed two more segments.

The only logical explanation would be that the WWE really is just targeting the kids in the audience and watching at home. After months of Nexus attacking John Cena, the simplistic minds of the young ones' would only care about that one match and not know actual quality over scrap pieces.

Having this genius train of thought, the WWE went ahead and allowed the Nexus to gang up and ambush WWE performers on the past Monday Night Raw. They almost forced this group to get even more over with the youngsters and charge them up for Sunday.

Recapping the events of Monday Night Raw for one second; Nexus attacked The Hart Dynasty, Mark Henry, and The Great Khali.

The Nexus attacking these performers means that none of these four wrestlers will be able to compete at the SummerSlam PPV without breaking kayfabe.

In some respects, it worked. Nexus had made themselves look like an elite heel group by doing these attacks.

The Great Khali and Mark Henry, okay, we could have lived without their limited abilities in the the ring. Those two alone would have been fine victims to help out the Nexus tough image.

But why would WWE have Nexus destroy The Hart Dynasty and take out a possible last minute addition to the SS PPV card?

After the attack on them, Wade Barrett clearly said, "Well Bret, I guess you can forget these replacements," or something along the lines of that.

Again, I repeat, this fine young team will now not be able to compete without breaking the rules of kayfabe.

The WWE's previous PPV, Money in the Bank, had eight matches, and last year's SummerSlam had eight matches as well.

As we stand right now, SummerSlam only has five matches on the card with less then a week to go.

No. 1: Randy Orton vs. Sheamus, WWE Championship Title Match

No. 2: Team WWE vs. Nexus

No. 3: Alicia Fox vs. Melina

No. 4: Big Show vs. SES

No. 5: Kane vs. Rey Mysterio, World Heavyweight Championship Match

Additionally, Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler, for the IC Title, will most likely be added to the card.  

If the WWE throws a curveball and actually has Miz defend the United States Championship, rather then join Team WWE, that could help the event. But in reality, it almost seems like a lock that he will be teaming up with Cena.

Even IF Miz did defend the U.S. Title, the card would still be VERY weak. With the exception of a couple of matches, there are basically no interesting feuds or storylines going into the show.

So you tell me, wouldn't a Tag Team Championship Match help out these genius writers, at least from the stand-point of filling up the card?

SummerSlam isn't supposed to be a PPV that helps create heat going into the next PPV. It is one of the big-four events of the year, not some throw away like Extreme Rules.

The only saving grace for this show would be if The Undertaker made his comeback at the end. The Deadman picture is still on the SummerSlam poster, so it is possible.

I know that one tag team match wouldn't do much for this PPV, but any one match can surprise everyone. I mean, was anyone expecting Jack Swagger vs. Rey Mysterio to be that good of a match at the Money in the Bank PPV?

How the WWE is going to string this show together, I don't know.

To me, it seems like the WWE writers don't plan these things out, rather, they just live in the moment.

If Nexus does end up winning at SummerSlam, they won't be able to compete at the WWE's next PPV, Night Of Champions, which is strictly for title holders. There is no reason for this storyline to continue after SummerSlam.

The point is that the Nexus gimmick has been pushed to the moon, and although it might have worked on the kids, the overall quality of the PPV for the life-long wrestling fan won't be very good, due to the lack of great matches and the poor build-up to any of the matches worth watching because of the Nexus on-air time. 

These so-called professional writers have forgotten to fill up their huge event's card, and now they will have to make up some last minute additions or they might even just leave the card as it is.

I wouldn't really recommend anyone spending over $40 to watch a PPV which only has five guaranteed matches.

But it's your money.


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