Dolphins in Decade: Ranking the Post Dan Marino Quarterbacks

Jason Clary@IamJClaryCorrespondent IAugust 10, 2010

Dolphins in Decade: Ranking the Post Dan Marino Quarterbacks

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    As the Miami Dolphins have been in need of a quarterback since Dan Marino retired, they can only hope Chad Henne is the answer. After over a dozen quarterbacks in the past decade, where do the likes of Chad Henne and Chad Pennington fall?

14. John Beck

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    The savior. The unheralded champion. The immaculate gun slinger. Superman.

    As you could have guessed, those nicknames perfectly describe John Beck...

    Beck was drafted in the second round in 2007, and was supposed to be the answer at quarterback.

    Not only did Beck disappoint, he made you question whether he had ever played in an organized football game.

    Beck was not ready for the NFL, even though he was drafted at the age of 26.

    I twitch in pain and agony every time I hear John Beck's name. Words cannot even explain my utter dissatisfaction for this draft pick.

13. Daunte Culpepper

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    Two words. Epic Fail.

    Daunte Culpepper was heralded as the answer at quarterback when he was acquired, but he turned into nothing but a free agent bust.

    It was between him and Drew Brees, and Miami chose the guy with the bad knee over the bad throwing shoulder.

    In hindsight you would exclaim "Why wouldn't they have picked Brees?"

    At the time, Brees was told he would be lucky to get full mobility back in his shoulder, let alone throw a football.

    The Saints took a huge risk on Brees, and it paid off. Miami took a lesser risk, and it didn't. Classic risk-reward example here.

12. Ray Lucas

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    Ray Lucas is infamous as a Miami Dolphin. His ability to throw away games was uncanny. Luckily, he didn't have to be a long term starter.

    You know how you hear about the guy that sells insurance and miraculously gets called to play in the NFL, and makes the most of his opportunity?

    Well Ray Lucas is the opposite. He should have been called to sell insurance. He would have made a terrific transition.

11. Damon Huard

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    Huard never really got a chance to start in Miami. He started a couple games in 1999 before Marino retired, and started once the year after.

    Some will even go as far to say that Huard should have started over Fiedler, which would have shuffled this list up a little bit.

    However, given Huard's inability to climb the depth chart over game-manager Jay Fiedler, he is low on this list.

10. A.J. Feeley

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    Feeley was another classic example of how the Dolphins used to throw away draft picks. Miami spent a second round pick on a backup caliber quarterback.

    Feeley had a 3-5 record as a starter, but the mere fact that he came to Miami for one year, after giving up a second round pick, has him all the way back at number 10.

9. Trent Green

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    Trent Green could have been a very good quarterback for the Dolphins.. He didn't really inherit a great team when he was acquired, and he went 0-5 to start out his career as a Dolphin.

    Green would then be concussed after trying to block a defensive player on a reverse.

    This was a good signing, but it failed to yield results. Green was a great professional, though. If he was making news, it was for the right reasons.

8. Brian Griese

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    Brian Griese did a pretty good job filling in for an injured Jay Fiedler. His numbers weren't terrific, but he got a few W's for the Dolphins.

    It couldn't have been easy for him to play under the spotlight of his father, Bob Griese, who was a legendary quarterback for Miami back in the 70's.

7. Joey Harrington

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    Joey Harrington wasn't terrible, but he didn't have a winning record with the Dolphins.

    The former third pick of the 2002 draft never got his act together in Detroit, and he never quite caught on in Miami.

    Joey is now out of football, with a career professional record of 26-50.

6. Sage Rosenfels

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    Sage didn't get much of a chance to prove his worth, but he did have one memorable game.

    Sage led a comeback against the Buffalo Bills, when Miami was down 23-3 going into the fourth quarter. To end the game, he hit Chris Chambers on a fade route in the end zone. Miami won 24-23.

5. Cleo Lemon

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    Cleo Lemon wasn't spectacular as a quarterback, but he is the quarterback that helped Miami win their only game during their 1-15 season.

    Lemon's overtime heroics boost him into the top five, and Dolphins fans everywhere were grateful for contributions.

4. Gus Frerotte

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    In Nick Saban's first year, the Dolphins were not expected to do much. Starting 3-7, they were on the road many people thought they would be on.

    Despite that 3-7 record, Miami went on to win their last 6 games, as Frerotte showed great veteran leadership.

    Chris Chambers had arguably his best season of his career with Frerotte at quarterback, earning a Pro Bowl bid and surpassing 1,000 receiving yards.

    Frerotte may best be known for his...rough celebration as a Washington Redskin.

3. Chad Henne

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    Henne is third on this list because he is still unproven. Pennington already led them to a playoff berth, and Fiedler has over 30 career wins as a Dolphin.

    It will not be long before Henne surpasses both of the players ahead of him. He has many Dolphins fans excited.

    If he does well this upcoming season, he could propel up this list.

    He has the arm to be a great quarterback, he just needs to piece that together with sound decision making and poise. 

2. Chad Pennington

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    Coach Pennington is the title Chad should be known by. After his successful 2008 season, bringing Miami from the cellar to AFC East champs, he helped groom Chad Henne into a starting quarterback.

    Penny was a Jet, but I think most Dolphins fans can forgive him now. He is a crucial part to Chad Henne's development as a player, and his presence is infinitely valuable.

    Pennington is the definition of a true professional.

1. Jay Fiedler

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    Of the players listed here, Jay Fiedler is the winningest, amassing over 30 wins in his short career with the Dolphins.

    Jay never had the best arm, or the best offensive weapons, but he made due and his Dolphins legacy is definitely that of a winner.

    The game I most remember is the Thanksgiving day game against Dallas, where Fiedler and Chris Chambers hooked up on several touchdowns, routing America's team in their house.

    In the NFL, winning is everything. Jay won games, which is why he is the best Dolphins quarterback since Dan Marino.