Tim Tebow Haircut: Courtesy of His Denver Broncos Teammates

James Walker@BRJamesWalkerAnalyst IIAugust 7, 2010

The controversy coming out of the Dallas Cowboys camp regarding Dez Bryant made headlines a few weeks back. Well, leave it to Tim Tebow to show everyone that no rookie is too good to handle traditions.

You have to love the above picture of Tebow's new haircut. Obviously, Timmy's Denver Broncos teammates felt it was time to give him a trim and went to town on his dome. 

My only question is: What did Tebow do to deserve such a horrible haircut? Why not just shave his head completely? Did they want to humiliate Sir Tebow? 

Regardless, I bet he went right along with it without blinking an eye. 

Dez, while you're rehabbing that high ankle sprain, perhaps you can learn something from Tebow like many others have in the past.


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