Feed Me: Six of the Hungriest Fighters in MMA Today!

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIAugust 7, 2010

Feed Me: Six of the Hungriest Fighters in MMA Today

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    In MMA, getting the taste of success is just not good enough for some fighters. These types of fighters are monstrous eaters for competition and are looking for more to devour for success.

    Once you get your name in the spotlight, it is your ultimate job now to take full control of your destiny. Either beat down or get beat.

    These fighters know that they have to keep the dice rolling and stay on the road of success to be even considered the best, as MMA has a lot of great fighters looking to take the top spot!

    With talents getting better and better all around the world, there is no doubt that they train even harder.

    Fighters have installed the idea in their minds that someone is always one step ahead of them, so they push themselves past their limits.

    With MMA being a huge competition and more and more talent starting to emerge to the top of the surface, every win and loss truly counts.

    So that brings me to the list of: The Six of the Hungriest Fighters in MMA Today!

    This list is basically for current talents looking to claim a prize, surpass hype, return to greatness, and prove that they belong in the sport of MMA!

Jake Shields: Truth or Bust

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    Although Jake Shelds begun his long journey to the top of MMA in '99 in a win by TKO (Strikes) against Paul Harrison...he truly didn't make a splash until '05!

    After a loss to Akiru Kikuchi via decision (unanimous) in '04, Shields would look to rebound in his next fight in '05 against Toby Imada.

    Jake Sheilds would go on to defeat Imada in a decision at KK- Kage Kombat. This would spark a red-hot win streak of 14 wins in a row. Shields fever was beginning to make some noise in the MMA world.

    He would go on to defeat the likes of notable names: Yushin Okami; Carlos Condit; Nick Thompson; Paul Daley; Robbie Lawler; Jason "Mayhem" Miller and his greatest win yet against Dan Henderson.

    But many questions still remained even notable wins like these there was still doubts among some.

    The biggest question was could he compete against the elite in UFC as the wins were in other organizations...like defunct Elite XC and still kicking Strikeforce.

    After leaving Strikeforce as their Middleweight champion to find better match ups in the UFC, Shields' goal is to become the top dog in the Welterweight division in the UFC.

    With a match up against Martin Kampmann, there is no doubt that we'll soon find out the truth about Shields...is he a contender? Shields is ready and happy to answer!

Rashad Evans: Hunt for Gold...Again!

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    After winning the The Ultimate Fighter season 2 finale against Brad Imes many still doubted the work ethic of Rashad Evans.

    Even Matt Hughes, the opposing coach of Rich Franklin, just did not see pure potential but did see him as a cocky fighter.

    Rashad would look to hush up the doubters and even impress and change the opinion of White and Hughes. He would string together a very impressive highlight reel of fights with devastating finishes!

    He (Evans) hit a road bump in a heck of a battle with Tito Oritz but did not let this slow him down.

    He would go on and win and prove that he belongs in the top ranks of the Light Heavyweight division... with impressive wins over Liddell and Griffin by T(KO).

    After claiming the belt against Griffin in a convincing win he had to pass another stacked test against another undefeated fighter Lyoto Machida.

    Machida's quickness and unique fighting style would prove to be too much for Evans as he would be KO'd in Round Two of the fight.

    To rebound, Evans would be pitted against another fighter who wanted to reclaim the belt, Rampage Jackson. They would coach as rivals on the 10th season of The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights.

    The fight would fall through as Rampage decided to retire and shoot the A-Team movie.

    So Evans would go against another fighter looking to seek revenge against the man who gave him his first loss, Lyoto Machida... Evans would now face Thaigo Silva who is a deadly knockout artist.

    Evans would return to his wrestling ways as he decided to be at top again he would have to be versatile rather then depend on his quick hands and speed.

    That decision would be a great one as he would beat Thiago by uniamous decision.

    But Evans would set his attention back on Jackson as he had decided return and the most anticipated bout was set. Many doubted Evans chances but Evans thought otherwise.

    He (Evans) would step up his training program with Olympic style sessions which would boost his cardio and technique.

    Rampage was not fully prepared for this new fueled Rashad Evans as Evans pulled off the win with dominating fashion.

    After Maurico "Shogun" Rua shocked everyone by knocking out Lyoto Machida and putting a pause on the "Machida Era." It was now set for Evans to be next in line.

    Evans is now hungrier than ever to prove that he is the top guy in the 205 division and he is looking to start that off by reclaiming the belt.

Jon Fitch: Fighting with a Desire to "Finish" at Top!

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    Jon Fitch's struggle back to a title rematch against GSP may be due to his lack of finishes as of late...as he been pulling in decision wins.

    But you can't hate on the guy as he has been pulling in the wins...right?

    This has put a fire inside Fitch and he will look to unleash that fire tonight in a much anticipated rematch against Alves.

    Will he place himself back to the title once again to claim the prize? Check out UFC 117 tonight to find out!

Jon Jones: More than just Hype!

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    We all know the great story of Jon Jones' career as he has blown up fast. At the age of 23, Jones is said to be the future of MMA.

    After his vicious victory over Vladimir Matyushenko...the biggest question for Jones is who and what's next for the great UFC 205-division prospect!

    Dana White announced after Jones victory that he will be fighting a top 8 guy next for his next bout. Whoever that will be should and will expect a great battle.

    Jones wants to be on top of the 205 pyramid and to do so he has to compete against the best...which is what Jones wants; so bring on the competition!

King Mo: Fighting for Respect

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    Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal is a undefeated fighter with the 205 Strikeforce gold around his waist. He claimed the belt by defeating highly regarded talent Gegard Mousasi.

    Some believe he was pushed too fast to a title shot, but he doesn't care as long as he produces in the cage is what matters to him!

    With the doubters lining up to contest against King Mo on why he shouldn't be considered one of the best.

    He is preparing himself to prove them on by defeating the best talented fighters he can get his hands on.

    Lawal will start by defending his belt for the first time at Strikeforce: Houston on Aug. 21, 2010 against challenger Rafael Feijao.

Eddie Alvarez: Time to Shine

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    Bellator's 155-pound champion is not looking for any easy wins like all the other great MMA fighters.

    Just like Jake Shields he is looking to find the best of the best he can out side of the UFC.

    After his most recent win over Josh Neer at Bellator 17 via Rear-Naked Choke in Round 2 he keeps it moving to prove he should be in the top 2 spot of 155 in the world.

    Alvarez's passion to be the best has led him to push for a fight against Strikeforce's 155 champ Gilbert Melendez. Whether it will happen or not will just have to see but keep an eye out for the Bellator champ.

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