"Ted", Mini-Short 1, "I'm Richer Than You"

RKO's Priceless Numba1Fan aka Dashing Marina MtzCorrespondent IAugust 6, 2010

With the growing popularity of "Cody", Ted DiBiase Jr. himself decided to buy himself a set, a camera crew, and all other necessities needed for a successful television show. Unfortunately for Ted, he is the only person on this ENTIRE EARTH that doesn't know that he has the personality of a three-toed sloth. Let's see how this train wreck unfolds....

Narrator: "Ted" was filmed in front of a live studio audience.

Crowd: *applause*

Narrator: NOW! Give it up for your favorite trust fund baby, Ted DiBiase!

Crowd: *thunderous applause*

Ted then walks out with Maryse on his arm onto the set in an Louis Vuitton suit and a "million-dollar smile".

Ted: Ahhh, it smells it like money in here! How are you lower-class people doing today?

 Today we have my good friend and star of the hit series "Cody", Cody Rhodes!

Maryse: Ted! Ahem. *sticks out palm*

Ted: Oh right, here you are. *places rubberband full of money in Maryse's hand*

Maryse: *kisses cheek*

Ted: Before we bring out my guest, we have a segment called: "I pick one of you to do something embarrassing and you might win some money!"

Crowd: *cricket, cricket*

Director: Flash the applause card!

Crowd: *applause*

Ted: Who wants to win some money today?

Crowd: *applause*

Ted: I know! How about you little boy?

Little Boy: *shakes head*

Ted: What's your name little boy?

Little Boy: Amani.

Ted: Well, Amani, if you can bounce this ball 10 times, i'll give 200 dollars!

Amani: Yay!

Ted: Ready, Set, Go!

Amani: *bounces ball*

Ted: 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...OH! *trips*

Amani: *frowns*

Ted: I'm sorry Amani, you weren't able to bounce it 10 times.

Amani: *cries*

Ted: Now into the next segment...

Audience Member: Hey! *walks up on stage*

Ted: Who are you?!

Audience Member: I'm the kid that your father did that crap to back in the day! Remember me? I'm not letting you do that to my son!

Ted: Security! Security!

Audience Member: Get Over Here!

Ted: Aaaah! *hides behind Maryse*

Maryse: *puts hand in face* Excusez-moi grand homme, mais vous n'allez pas à mettre la main sur mon copain!

Audience Member: What?

Security: C'mon buddy let's go!

Audience Member: I will have my vengeance......and 200 dollars!

Ted: Phew! Glad that's over! Now, to bring out my guest for today, the star of the hit show, "Cody", Cody Rhodes!

*cricket, cricket*

Ted: Cody Rhodes!

*cricket, cricket*

Then, Cody's music hits....and someone that's not Cody emerges!

Hornswoggle: Ha Ha Ha! *runs around set*

Maryse: Ew!

Hornswoogle: *runs under Maryse's dress*

Maryse: Ted!

Ted: *grabs Horny*

Hornswoogle: *bites Ted and runs out*

Ted: Ow!

As Horny ran out, a note was left behind...

"Haha Ted! You actually thought I would come on your lame show? Enjoy your rabies shots!

      - 'Dashing' Cody Rhodes"


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