The Final SEC Preview

Dylan MartinContributor IIIAugust 6, 2010

The Final SEC Preview

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    The SEC is the best conference in the nation when it comes to football, heck you may even call it a semi-pro football league. No one can argue that the SEC is an elite conference but, who will win it is always in question. 

    For the past two years Florida and Alabama have dominated the SEC beating everyone they played. Now the wind has changed and a large shift of power is about to take place. 

    This year will be the year someone is knocked of their perch and a new ear of dominance starts. Will it be the Tide of Alabama or the Gators of Florida?

SEC West No. 6 Mississippi State

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    The Bulldogs lone trip to the SEC title game came in 1998 where they were beaten by Tennessee. Mississippi State has never been considered a threat to the rest of the SEC west with a slight surprise coming in 2007.

    The Bulldogs finished 5-7 last year with a 3-5 SEC record. They placed last in the SEC west and lost their best player to think they can improve on that is higly unlikely.  

SEC West No. 5 Ole Miss

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    The Rebels of Ole Miss had everyting they wanted to win a SEC title and compete for a national title. They placed #4 in the AP rankings in week three and wanted to keep it going.

    Then the bottom fell out and Ole Miss was shocked by South Carolina 16-10. they would lose to Alabama and Auburn before getting hammered by rival Mississippi State 41-27.

    A positive thing for the rebels was the pick up of  Jeremiah Masoli which will certainly boost the Ole Miss team but, a SEC West title NO. 

SEC West No. 4 Auburn

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    Here is where it gets hard the west is a four team race with the possible dark horse of Ole Miss. At number four sits Auburn a dangerous team to play who has got what it takes to win the west.

    Don't let the number four ranking or the 3-5 SEC record deceive you the Tigers almost knocked of Alabama at the end of last season. They may just do it this year they have what it takes to stun Alabama.

    The number four ranking is just a prediction and could be a number 1 at the end of this season.

SEC West No. 3 LSU

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    LSU and Florida are the only teams with two BCS titles and LSU has been in the SEC title talk each year. However, Less Miles is on the hot seat and many think needs a SEC title to secure his spot.

    It's hard to have LSU any lower than a number three ranking and I just could not do it. The West is hard enough to predict but, now LSU is the most unpredictable team of the SEC West.\

    Don't think LSU can't blow up and finish fith but, don't think they can't knock LSU off their perch in 2010.

SEC West No. 2 Arkansas

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    Arkansas has to the most deadly team to play this year in the SEC. Ryan Mallet is the main reason why. Arkansas has a high powered offense with the best quarterback in the SEC leading them. 

    The Razorbacks finished fifth last year but still surprised some. Arkansas has all the tools to win a SEC title and yes even a national title. The one problem is th defense.

    Arkansas is deadly no doubt it is wise not to sleep on this team. The Razorbacks will beat Alabama this year but, will they get their crown too?

SEC West No. 1 Alabama

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    They are the defending SEC and of course defending national champs. They went 14-0 and blasted Florida in Atlanta. Right now there is little reason to pick against them.

    Like all teams Alabama has questions those will be answered on the field. Alabama right now is sitting pretty but, when kick off begins they will be thrown in the dog pound with the rest. 

    The Crimson Tide will look to win third SEC West title I predict it will happen but, advise Alabama to watch out.

SEC East No. 6 Vanderbilt

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    Well not much to say after another dismal season Vandy fired their head coach and quickly got a new one. Getting a new head coach hardly ever results in a better season.

    Vanderbilt will not escape from the SEC basement this year. 

SEC East No. 5 Tennessee

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    Talk about a gutting Lane Kiffin leaves Tennessee for USC out of nowhere and sends them scrambling. What was the result of this mass confusion and anger? How about the son of UGA legend Vince Dooley. Yep Derek Dooley nobody saw that one coming did they?

    After that players would start to transfer or get suspended from the team. This does not bode well for the Volunteers. Tennessee will not be winning much this year.

    Unless Dooley has a secret plan or is working with his father don't expect much from Rocky Top this year.    

SEC East No. 4 Kentucky

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    Kentucky has always been the middle child of the SEC never doing much and not surprising much. While they have shocked the SEC a couple of times they usually just sit in the middle.

    A new head coach for Kentucky does not mean much change for the Wildcats since the bottom two also have new head coaches.

    Kentucky will once agian finish in the middle of the pack and not make much noise.  

SEC East No. 3 South Carolina

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    South Carolina's best team in a long time is still not the best in the SEC. That either says the SEC is very strong or South Carolina does not have that great of a program. Both are right somewhat I mean.

    The chicken curse was thought to be the reason the Gamecocks were not winning much. That was put to rest when the baseball team won the national title. 

    For South Carolina to win the SEC east they have to avoid imploding of themselves once again. With the "curse" finally broken is this the year SC wins the East?

SEC East No. 2 Florida

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    Ok I may have just lost have of my readers right now for the ones who stayed don't freak this could easily change. The Gators have dominated the East for the past two years.

    John Brantlety leads a talented offense into the hell pit known as the SEC. The defense is still strong and will be a top ten defense. But, here is something to ponder. Florida has a new DC and Tebow along with others are gone. 

    The East is a two team race with a South Carolina dark horse. Of course we all know what game will decide the East champion.

SEC East No. 1 Georgia

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    Here we are the SEC East will go to the Georgia Bulldogs. Fitting that Florida's fall will lead to it's biggest rivals mini revival. The Dawgs are talented even if you don't think so. They have the best receiver in the nation to start.

    The Dawgs also have a very talented offensive line with two good running backs who have bulked up quite a bit. The defense will be much better from last year with Todd Grantham burning the plays into the heads of the players.

    The Georgia-Florida game will the the deciding factor of who wins the SEC East sorry South Carolina. As for Georgia it would be no surprise if the Dawgs are undefeated come the Florida game.

SEC Title - Georgia vs. Alabama

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    The SEC title game in one slide? No way can that happen since it is getting late I will post the article and slide show of who will win the SEC. Have fun comenting.