Brett Favre Retirment 2010: Why the Third Time Is a Charm

Steve SamsContributor IAugust 4, 2010

NEW ORLEANS - JANUARY 24:  Brett Favre #4 of the Minnesota Vikings reacts after the Vikings scored a touchdown against the New Orleans Saints during the NFC Championship Game at the Louisiana Superdome on January 24, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Saints won 31-28 in overtime.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

"Number 4", "The Gridiron Legend", "The Greatest", "The Ageless One", "Broadway Brett", and "The Old Guy With A Young Heart".

These are just some of the nicknames we have given 20-year NFL legend Brett Favre over his long and storied career. 

Today, we got word that Brett Favre has notified the Minnesota Vikings that he will hang it up after 20 years in the NFL with a Super Bowl championship under his belt.

I know that this guy changes his mind more times than we do on that SAT question we just don't know the answer too as he has retired with the Green Packers and the New York Jets, and now apparently with the Minnesota Vikings.

But this time I get a different feeling when Favre announces his retirement; this time he is walking out on top.

Favre, last season put up career numbers in Touchdowns, Yards, and Passer Rating.  All of this, with his interception total being on of the lowest of his career. 

At this point, he has nothing to prove to us anymore.

During the NFC Championship in 2007, Favre's Packers tried to drive down the field in heroic fashion that would ultimately propel the team into Super Bowl 42. 

However, Brett Favre was intercepted by Giants cornerback Corey Webster that put kicker Lawrence Tynes in field goal position that put the Giants on the road to Glendale Arizona and sunk the Lambeau faithful Super Bowl hopes into the toilet.

Favre thought that his career was over after that and decided to retire from the Packers at age 38, ending his career on a low note and something that he's been prone to do throughout his career, an interception. 

Favre bid a tearful goodbye to a team he played for nearly his entire career, leaving behind many memories.

However when the offseason hit, Favre expressed desire in coming back to the Packers, but the Packers wern't interested as they found someone else in future star Aaron Rodgers.

After months and months of drama, Favre and agent Buss Cook convinced Ted Thompson and Packers Management to trade Favre to the New York Jets, who was in dire need of a quarterback.

Jets fans caught "Favre fever" as NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg gave Favre a key to the city, and the key to millions of Jets fans hearts as Super Bowl aspirations were high.

However, Favre in New York just didn't work out. 

He was able to guide the team to a 9-7 record, and put up better numbers than previous Quarterbacks in Kellen Clemmons and Brooks Bollinger ever did.  However, the Jets did not make the playoffs after a collapse down the stretch. 

Favre ended the season with an impressive 22 TDs, but a not so impressive 22 INTs.

Favre, like a year before went out on a terrible performance.  In a game that would have put Gang Green in the playoffs, he was beat up badly by the Miami Dolphins defense, and was picked off three teams.  

A performance that made veterans Thomas Jones and Kerry Rhodes question as to whether the super bowl champion should have been pulled in favor of Bollinger of Clemmons. 

In a press conference after the game, Favre looked beat up, worn down, and just flat out tired.  An appearance that made made everyone think that Favre was for sure done.

With the Jets at least….

Favre did in fact retire and we fell for it once again.  And so did 29 other NFL teams.

The one team that wasn't entirely convinced that Favre was going to go out like this, Favre's former foe, the purple and gold of the Minnesota Vikings.

The Vikings were a team that was progressing very well, capturing the NFC North title and home field advantage in their first game.  A team that had an emerging star in Adrian Peterson, the leagues best pass rusher in Jared Allen, and football's best "brother" duo at defensive tackle in Pat and Kevin Williams.

But one thing that was a true lacking in Coach Brad Childress' first season with the Vikings: Quarterback.

Tavaris Jackson struggled in his first playoff game, as he was pressured by the Eagles defense that didn't allow him to scramble out of the pocket, something he does well.  The Vikings didn't have an offensive touchdown in that game.

The Vikings and Favre was a match made in heaven.  A veteran quarterback eager to get back to the playoffs and a team in search of a quarterback with these aspirations.

However, Favre maintained that he would stay retired and informed the media that he would not sign with the Vikings.  He even went on ESPN; and when asked if there was any remote chance he would play another NFL game ever again. 

His answer: No

But once training camp hit, Favre threw passes to high scholars at a local Mississippi high school, as he does every year before he plays.

Favre was encouraged by his results and his reconstructed shoulder and decided to contact the Vikings to express his interest in coming back.

As soon as you can say "Gunslinger", Brett Favre was on a plane to Minnesota and Brad Childress was there to pick him up at the airport.

With little training camp time with the Vikings, Favre hit the field as the starting quarterback in the season opener against the Browns. 

And in his first touchdown pass as a Viking, he ran down the field looking like the little kid we have has always known and tackled receiver Percy Harvin in the endzone. 

Looking like the playful little kid we've seen over the years.

Favre's most memorable game of the season game in a game where the team was trailing to the 49ers in the last few seconds. 

On the last play, Favre rolled to his left and fired a long Hail Mary pass that was somehow caught by fifth string receiver Gregg Lewis, which have the Vikings a 31-27 edge over the 49ers.  In that moment, Favre as a Viking turned into the real deal, he's here to win.

Favre had a career year with the Vikings, passing for 33 Touchdowns and 4,202 Yards and only seven interceptions.  Leading the team to an 11-5 record, which was good enough for the no.2 seed and first round bye in the playoffs.

Not to mention that season, Favre had to face his former team, the Packers twice that season and came out with a win in both games.  Favre's revenge against Ted Thompson and all of those that said "thanks, but no thanks on Favre returning." 

Favre responded by saying "the old man's still got it."

The Vikings faced the red hot Cowboys in the first round after they ended the Saints perfect regular season.  Favre put up a 5 touchdown performance and led the team to an overwhelming beat down of America's team.

The Vikings then faced a true challenge against the New Orleans Saints, the number one seed in the NFC.

In the fourth quarterback, with the teams playing a very tight game, Favre dropped back to pass and threw an interception to Saints cornerback Tracy Porter, which ultimately put the Saints in field goal range to win the game and punch their ticket to Miami for the Super Bowl.

Once again, Favre ended his postseason on an interception by a no name cornerback.

He was knocked around a lot also in this game, and at one point was taken out because he injured his ankle.  However like a true legend would, he came back in and fought till the bitter end.

The Vikings are now in the offseason and are still wondering if number 4 will come back and play another season.

As of today, Favre appears as if he is done.

Only this time, there won't be a season three to Brett Favre's soap opera "To Be, Or Not To Be: Will I Come Back And Play".

There won't be any more changes of heart. 

You want to know why?  He has absolutely nothing more to show us.

He's done it all.  He's set every Quarterback record known to man, he's improved every team he's play for, he also has a Super Bowl ring on his finger.

The true qualities of a hall of fame quarterback.

You've shown me how a player should play the game, and you've shown me that you can do anything regardless of your age.  You really are the greatest of all time.

Happy Retirement no.4!


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