Milka Duno May Have To Return To Day Job If IndyCar Has It's Way

Sandra MacWattersCorrespondent IJuly 25, 2010

INDIANAPOLIS - MAY 15: Milka Duno of Dale Coyne Racing motions to her crew  during opening day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on May 15, 2010 in Indianapolis, Indiana.   (Photo by Ron Hoskins/Getty Images)
Ron Hoskins/Getty Images

At long last fans of IndyCar may be relieved of watching Milka Duno take up space on tracks where she clearly does not belong.

The IndyCar officials have placed Duno on probation for the rest of the year for failing to consistently meet minimal performance standards.

The series officials also say Duno needed to show "immediate and substantial improvement to her driving" by the end of the season.

Her inability to compete was cited as was her decision making ability. 

It is about time. She was considered a hazard last week at Toronto for driving so slowly.

She has been pulled off the track by officials at two races this season.

Duno has received criticism from other drivers because of her on-track antics behind the wheel of her Citgo No. 18 car.

She has never won a race and never will at the IndyCar level. 

After all the laps she has logged since her debut in the series during the 2007 season, she still fails to show any signs of potential with the open-wheel cars.

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Duno's record shows her highest finish as 21st in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She did not qualify for the Indy 500 and currently ranks 25th in the series points standings.

The 38-year-old Venzuelan drives for Dale Coyne Racing with teammate Alex Lloyd.

Duno was invited to a Porsche Driving Clinic by a friend in 1998. She progressed through various series, finally landing in an IndyCar race.

Her automotive expertise appears to be with sports cars where her finishes have been more impressive.

It just may be that recent decisions made by IndyCar officials may have her reconsidering a return to a career for which she is more suited.

She has the credentials of a woman with considerable intelligence. Her educational background includes master's degrees in Organizational Development, Naval Architecture, Maritime Business and Marine Biology.

Duno has also worked as a naval engineer.

Just maybe it is time for Milka Duno to pull off the track for good in the IndyCar series and perhaps utilize all that education for the good.


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