NBA Trade Rumors: Who's Next To Move?

Del ChocContributor IIJuly 24, 2010

Given the circumstances, and who you were to ask, no one in their right mind had surmise that two reigning talents of this era would have joined up.

But they did.

Wade and James collaboration may of tweaked how players converse with one another during these colossal events -- such as the All-Star play and World games -- eventually forcing contemporaries such as the likes of (Eric) Gordon and, say, Rose to talk about what can happen down the line.

Lower market teams, by their own will, now have to wrench the gambit to sweeten their lottery pick (or picks) into staying, as it has almost becomes a detriment or uncool to play in cities like Minneapolis.

Or that may not even be the case, maybe the late trend of power moves are effects of wanting attention, possibly wanting a worldwide brand.

And to no one's surprise, with the late rumblings of CP3, who wants to be moved, it's only a reminder that the league is a Superstar's league.

So who's the big name on the move next?

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