Dan Raphael and Michael Marley Confirm That "Bob Arum Deadline" is Phony

CJ JamesContributor IJuly 16, 2010

Rookies, wake up please.

All of this talk about "Arum deadlines," and Bob Arum deciding that July 16 is somehow a significant date for the fight, is plain ridiculous. Even his best friend, Paclander "Michael Marley," states clearly on his blog that it's in no way serious. He describes Arum as playing "Mussolini," making demands and trying to create some drama about the fight.

Golden Boy could turn up in September and say, "cancel whatever fight you've arranged, and put Pacquiao in with Mayweather instead," and he would. He'd give Cotto a million bucks and say, "screw you buddy." I'm afraid it's all just part of the show, which is Bob Arum trying to pretend that he's still the main man in boxing when he's clearly not. He's not even No. 2.

This whole deadline thing is just Arum going to the media and telling them that he's set a deadline. It's not official. It's an old man wanting some media time trying to pretend that he's still a big deal.

Listen, the fight happens when Golden Boy does Bob Arum a favour and gives him the fight. Because without Golden Boy, Arum not only has a bum of a fight for November, but he probably doesn't have a super fight for Pacquiao for the rest of his career.

Bob's jumping for joy that he even got 50 percent. He's not seriously planning on pulling out over deadlines. This is just a game. Arum is trying to show the world that he's in charge, and Golden Boy is ignoring him, as they want to show the world that they're in charge.

There isn't a chance in hell that the most lucrative boxer in the sport and the biggest promoter in boxing are going to be rushing out announcements and decisions to keep an old man's pride intact. In fact, you can bet your bottom dollar that they will purposefully not make the fight until well into next week just to show Arum who's running the show.

This isn't just gusto. It's based on fact. Dan Raphael of ESPN spoke to Arum last night, and reported it on his ESPN radio slot. It's also on his own blog. I quote:

"I spoke to Bob last night, and inquired how hard his supposed deadline is. By hard, I mean, how rigid it is. It's not a serious deadline. He made that pretty clear. He wants something done within the next few weeks. It's going to be some time in the next couple of weeks."

So when it gets to midnight, don't feel too depressed that you're going to have to watch Pacquiao vs. Cotto again. It's all just a game. Arum and Golden Boy will be looking to do the deal within the next fortnight.

It's just Arum doing what he does best, trying to ruin a superfight by letting his ego override his brain.

Something he's an expert in.

By the way, I should remind you that Manny Pacquiao rejected this exact same contract, walked out, and refused the fight only five months ago.

It's the same contract. Pacquiao wouldn't sign it, and walked off.

So I really don't think Arum has any high ground over demanding people sign by certain dates.

If Pacquiao had signed the exact same contract five months ago, he would have been retired by now, and he could concentrate on his real love: Making really cheesy movies, and trying to be a D-list celebrity.