Offseason: D.Rose Complete?

Del ChocContributor IIJuly 15, 2010

Awhile ago a group of fans were complying with any trade scenario at first glance, willing to move Derrick Rose for the likes of Chris Paul or Lebron James if necessary.

But those fans are tuning in slowly but surely.

It seems to have been a concerted change in thought, since Rose has improved year after year.

This offseason Rose went searching for an unused "consistent 3-point shot" to add to his repertoire. 

And according to him, Rose has let it be known it has passed his "expectations at this point."

Watch as the prep Rose shoots uncharacteristically at Simeon during a flashback.

He had it in him.

Now he's letting it be known—next stop is to be unstopped.

For more, go here: D.Rose's Shot

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