FC Gold Pride vs. Washington Freedom: A Play-By-Play (and Other Miscellany)

Jo-Ryan SalazarSenior Analyst IJuly 12, 2010

T-60: A number of players will be out on national team duty today as I bring to you this play-by-play between FC Gold Pride and the Washington Freedom live from Cal State East Bay.

T-45: U.S. Women's National Team head coach Pia Sundhage has called up 24 players for the USA's two matches against Sweden taking place on July 13 in Omaha, Nebraska at Creighton University's Morrison Stadium, live on ESPN2 at 8 p.m. CT, and on July 17 at Rentschler Field in East Hartford, Conn., live on Fox Soccer Channel at 7:30 p.m. ET. You can also follow the matches online via ussoccer.com MatchTracker and at twitter.com/ussoccer.

T-30: Without further ado, the line-ups.


Manager: Albertin Montoya

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Formation: 4-4-2

Colors: Black tops, black shorts, black socks


18 Brittany Cameron


9 Kandace Wilson ---- 5 Candace Chapman ---- 19 Carrie Dew ---- 3 Ali Riley


8 Solveig Gulbrandsen ---- 14 Becky Edwards ---- 20 Camille Abily ---- 2 Kimberly Yokers


10 Marta ---- 12 Christine Sinclair (C)



15 Tiffeny Milbrett

13 Nikki Grazcyk

14 Kaley Fountain

11 Kiki Bosio

16 Rosie Tantillo



Manager: Jim Gabarra

Formation: 4-4-2 Diamond

Colors: Red tops, white shorts, red socks


18 Erin McLeod


19 Rebecca Moros ---- 4 Cat Whitehill (C) ---- 17 Nikki Marshall ---- 22 Becky Sauerbrunn


6 Beverly Goebel


25 Brittany Klein ---- 8 Sonia Bompastor


10 Homare Sawa


13 Christie Welsh ---- 7 Lene Mykjaland



5 Brittany Bock

21 Alex Singer

24 Ashlyn Harris

23 Kristi Eveland

12 Caitlin Miskel

T-15: FC Gold Pride are first in the 2010 Women's Professional Soccer standings with a 8-3-1 record (25 points). Washington sits in fourth with a 4-3-5 record (17 points).

T-5: Bryan Roslund is our match official today.


1' - We are underway.

5' - Some good ball movement will be in order as the match progresses.

7' - Seven minutes into the contest, and it's scoreless.

8' - Camille Abily and Sonia Bompastor jostle for the ball. A chance for Becky Sauerbrunn is saved by Brittany Cameron.

9' - Solveig Gulbrandsen, the storied Norwwgian international, was off on that pass to Marta. In a couple of weeks, she will call it a career at FC Gold Pride.

10' - Here's Eric McLeod, looking to up the tempo here at Cal State East Bay in Hayward, California.

11' - This iss Camille Abily, and she is double-marked. McLeod goes off her line for the save.

12' - Brittany Cameron goes her line, and she gets help from the Gold Pride defense who go on the transition.

13' - Here comes a penalty. Marta to take...she slots it home!

GOAL! FC Gold Pride 10 Marta

A clinical finish. The first converted penalty of the day. Cheesy "Ole, Ole, Ole" music in the background.

14' - Let's see what Washington does now to respond. This goal opens up the match considerable.

16' - Corner for FC Gold Pride is cleared.

17' - Through ball for Marta from Gulbrandsen didn't amount to much.

18' - Throw-in for the Washington Freedom. Now they go on the offensive. Cameron will take that, and back come the Lionesses of the East Bay.

19' - Nikii Marshall, the Freedom's top draft pick from Colorado, will be key today against the Pride.

20' - Carrie Dew send it back to Brittany Cameron to reset for the next sequence.

21' - 21 minutes in, and it's 1-0 FC Gold Pride. Here's Kandace Wilson, but Christine Sinclair couldn't finish. Goal kick, Erin MCLeod.

23' - Some good passing from the Pride. Beverly Goebel clears that chance for a Gold Pride corner. Marta to take.

24' - Erin McLeod saves. Boy, this Pride side wants to take no prisoners and make amends for the lack of form against Sky Blue FC in their first home game.

25' - Great triple-mark on Marta to stop that transition opportunity. There is no help from the midfielders to stop the backline from getting to her.

26' - Sonia Bompastor seemed to be fouled by Kandace Wilson. That would have been a penalty, and a chance to make it a 1-1 game would have followed.

27' - Red card Jim Gabarra

Washington Freedom

As if things hadn't been bad enough...the manager of the Freedom gets a brain explosion.

28' - That has to be anything but a morale booster for Washington. Your manager gets tossed.

29' - FC Gold Pride will be wise to consolidate.

30' - Speculative shot. Goal kick, McLeod.

32' - Good stuff from Nikki Marshall. The Pride defense holds on the chance from Homare Sawa.

34' - Gulbrandsen is jammed after some good touches by Marta. Ali Riley with excellent closing spiit

35' - Cat Whitehill, also exhibiting solid closing speed.

36' - Rebecca Moros, cuffing the Gold Pride attack there.

37' - Wilson with the throw-in. By the way, congratulations to Spain, the winners of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. 1-0 winners.

39' - Freekick for Sonia Bompastor. Ashlyn Harris will perform interim managing duties here.

41' - Still anyone's game, even though Washington is down 1-0 to FC Gold Pride.

42' - Homare Sawa is stopped, and here come the Pride.

43' - Corner. Didn't amount to much.

44' - McLeod is furious at her teammates after saving that shot from Marta. As she should.

45' - Let's see how many minutes of stoppage time we have on the table. One minute.

46'+ - Halftime.



FC Gold Pride 1

Marta 13'


Washington Freedom 0


46' - The second half is now underway.

47' - Not a lot of substitutions needed for the Freedom; maybe Brittany Bock will be the exception to the rule.

48' - The Freedom reset the distribution.

49' - A chance for Kim Yokers is saved by Erin MCLeod after Marta is held at bay.

50' - Too long for Ali Riley.

51' - Back come the Freedom on the attack.

52' - Sonia Bompastor tripped uip

53' - Substitution Washington Freedom

IN 5 Brittany Bock

OUT 25 Brittany Klein

Set piece for the Freedom, and Cat Whitehill is slowed down by the FC Gold Pride defense.

54' - Chance for Camille Abily is cleared by Washington backline. Scrambling dispossession.

55' - 55 minutes into the match, and it's 1-0 FC Gold Pride off the penalty goal by Marta.

56' - The goal is Marta's ninth of the season.

57' - Here's Kandace Wilson again, and Brittany Cameron will reset the rotation for the home side.

58' - Good work from Sonia BOmpastor to keep that inbound. And Camille Abily is hurt.

Yellow card 13 Christie Welsh

Washington Freedom

A rash challenge. Well-deserved.

59' - Some chippiness in order from the Freedom.

60' - Substitution FC Gold Pride

IN 15 Tiffeny Milbrett

OUT 2 Kimberly Yokers

61' - 37 years old and still kicking...amazing from Milbrett. Solid kick save by Erin McLeod on Marta. Boy, she has been frustrating the Brazillian international today.

62' - Milbrett's shot goes wide. Goal kick, McLeod. She has been facing a firing squad today.

63' - In other action this week, Sky Blue FC and the Freedom played to a scoreless draw on Wednesday and both the Chicago Fire and Atlanta Beat played to a 1-1 draw. On Saturday, the Fire defeated Sky Blue FC 2-0. Also going on today is a match betwen the Beat and the Boston Breakers. The Breakers are running roughshod, leading 3-1 at the moment.

64' - The Freedom will stick to playing it rough for the rest of the match.

65' - Albertin Montoya is prodding Marta to take a little more of the initiative. And there she goes!

66' - GOAL! FC Gold Pride 10 Marta

Eric MCLeod was beat after Marta held on the the ball. Great ballhandling ability and a finish typical of the Brazilian international

Substitution Washington Freedom

IN 12 Catlin Miskel

OUT 13 Christie Welsh

67' - At the rate things are going, FC Gold Pride will stay at the top of the WPS Power Rankings. Solveig Gulbrandsen is called back offsides.

68' - The second goal was a work of class. In reality, there is life outside of soccer. For Gulbrandsen, she has family back in Norway, and homesickness got the best of her. The View from Victoria Street wishes Solveig Gulbrandsen all the best as she makes her return back with her family. Good luck on the job at the auto shop too!

69' - Back come the Freedom, who are hoping to get back into the match. Marta now has 10 goals on the season. The fact of the matter is that she tied her mark from last season. Could she be getting twice that amount? We're not even close to through with the rest of the season and already it's looking like she could be on pace for something bigger and better.

70' - A manager down and two goals down for Washington...and here comes a corner for the Pride.

71' - GOAL! FC Gold Pride 8 Solveig Gulbrandsen

Here is a going-away present for the Norwegian international. The Bay Area will miss you, but now, at least you will look back on it and say that it was a fun run while it lasted.

72' - Player now shaken up for the Freedom. Poor Cat Whitehill. She is up, though. What a resilient captain.

73' - I gotta tell you, this Gold Pride team owes the fans a win here. Corner for Marta, and a diving save from McLeod. Milbrett had to check on Whitehill to see if her face was all right. It was.

75' - 75 minutes in, and Beverly Goebel is a bit shaken up. Oh yeah, and FC Gold Pride are leading the Washington Freedom 3-0. Yeah, that's about it.

76' - Only one goal and four assists for Sonia Bompastor; she needs to up her production this season. Actually, the whole Freedom side needs to.

77' - Here comes Washington. But Carrie Dew is there to snuff out that sequence from the Freedom.

78' -

Substitution FC Gold PRide

IN 14 Kaley Fountain

OUT 3 Ali Riley

IN 22 Rosie Tantillo

OUT 14 Becky Edwards

79' - GOAL! Washington Freedom 7 Lene Mykjaland

And the Freedom are still looking to make a game out of this.

81' - Substitution Washington Freedom

IN 23 Kristi Eveland

OUT 7 Lene Mykjaland

82' - Corner for the Pride here. Snatched up by Erin McLeod.

83' - 83 minutes into the contest, and it's 3-1 FC Gold Pride. Erin McLeod preventing that hat trick opportunity for Marta.

84' - Here's Bompastor, from Sawa. Now it's Sauerbrunn with some space. Great defense on Goebel. Milbrett on the attack. Kristi Eveland with the stop.

85' - Well, Brittany Cameron won't get the shutout, but she can still get the decision if Gold Pride hangs on. That is, IF they hang on...

86' - Gulbrandsen with a lazy cross. Cameron flailed on that one. But it will be a goal kick to the Lionesses of the East Bay.

87' - Yellow card 5 Brittany Bock

Washington Freedom

Now what was that collision all about, pray tell? Easy call for Bryan Roslund. As a matter of fact, you can call that with Braille.

88' - Cameron now doing some work on her end for the Pride.

89' - Two minutes of stoppage time on the way.

90' - Cat Whitehill with the mark.

91+' - Nikki Marshall should have made that 3-2 Gold Pride. Carrie Dew missed her marker and should have paid the price.

92+' - No one in the vicinity for Tiffeny Milbrett.

GOAL! Washington Freedom 17 Nikki Marshall

She gets that to go. What perseverance from the rookie. But the rally may not be enough.

93+' - No, it isn't. Bryan Roslund puts this baby to bed.



Marta 13', 66'

Solveig Gulbrandsen 71'



Lene Mykjaland 79'

Nikki Marshall 92+'

Stay tuned for this week's WPS Power Rankings on The View, The Fan Corner and Bleacher Report.


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