My 2010 NFL QB Rankings

Steve ChottCorrespondent IJuly 8, 2010

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - FEBRUARY 07: Peyton Manning #18 of the Indianapolis Colts signals under center against the New Orleans Saints during Super Bowl XLIV on February 7, 2010 at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
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With the NFL season approaching faster than we think, it's time to start looking around and in this case, ranking the NFL's 32 starting quarterbacks.

In cases where a starting quarterback may not have been decided yet, I plugged in my projected starter.

When doing these rankings, I took into consideration the following: the quarterbacks talent as well as his supporting cast, and whether or not he will be playing the full season (as is the case with Ben Roethlisberger).

With that, here are my 2010 NFL QB Rankings:

32. Sam Bradford—St. Louis Rams

While I'm not 100 percent sure that Bradford will start the season as the Rams starter, I think he will play a majority of the year. Even though I think Bradford can have success in the future, for now I don't like the situation he is in or his supporting cast. It will be very tough for a rookie like Bradford to put together a good season with a very bad supporting offense other than Steven Jackson.

31. Trent Edwards—Buffalo Bills

Last year, some people overhyped Trent Edwards after the team signed Terrell Owens (myself included). It's obvious now that Trent Edwards isn't a top quarterback and he will have to beat out Ryan Fitzpatrick this year for the starting job.

30. Jake Delhomme—Cleveland Browns

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Last season, Jake Delhomme was playing for his job in Carolina. He didn't play anywhere close to expectations though, and he ended up being replaced by Matt Moore and found himself crying his way out of Carolina. This season in Cleveland he may not even start, as he'll have to win his job over Seneca Wallace and possibly Colt McCoy. If he does win the starting job, he will have a much worse supporting cast. In Carolina, he had a top 10 WR in Steve Smith and he won't have anything close to that in Cleveland.

29. Matt Hasselbeck—Seattle Seahawks

Unfortunately for the Seahawks, injuries have caught up to Matt Hasselbeck and I don't think he will have a good season at all—if he finishes it. He has fallen off quite a bit the past two seasons and I see another drop in production coming this season.

28. Josh Freeman—Tampa Bay Buccaneers

As a second-year QB, Josh Freeman still has a lot of work to do. Last year he had 10 TDs and 18 INTs for the 3-13 Buccaneers. They didn't make many improvements to the offense and I don't think Freeman will show an improvement from his 2009 season.

27. Alex Smith—San Francisco 49ers

For some reason, the 49ers have a lot of confidence in Alex Smith, even though he hasn't performed up to the standards to which he was held after being drafted. He does have a good young group around him, including Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis, which will help a lot.

26. Kevin Kolb—Philadelphia Eagles

Personally, I am not a fan of Kevin Kolb. He is the most interesting QB coming into this season though. He's going to be replacing Donovan McNabb and will have big shoes to fill. He has many weapons around him though, including DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, and LeSean McCoy.

25. Matt Cassel—Kansas City Chiefs

Last year, many people thought Matt Cassel was going to repeat the success he had in New England with the Chiefs. That didn't happen though, as Cassel experienced what it's like to play without Randy Moss, Wes Welker, and a football genius like Bill Belichick.

24. Matt Stafford—Detroit Lions

I think Matt Stafford is going to improve this season, but won't quite play up to his number one overall pick status quite yet. Stafford still has a top 10 WR in Calvin Johnson and the Lions added a new offense weapon in Jahvid Best.

23. Matt Leinart—Arizona Cardinals

Some would say that even this is too high to have Matt Leinart but I like his situation. This is his team now and he still has many weapons, even though Anquan Boldin was shipped to the Ravens. This will be the first time that Leinart begins the regular season as the starter.

22. David Garrard—Jacksonville Jaguars

While the Jaguars offense still revolves around Maurice Jones-Drew, Garrard is a solid player to have at QB. He put up one of his best seasons last year with an emerging WR in Mike Sims-Walker. 

21. Jay Cutler—Chicago Bears

Jay Cutler came nowhere close to expectations last season. Without Brandon Marshall, Cutler became even more of an INT machine, throwing 26 of them compared to 27 TDs. If Cutler doesn't stop throwing INTs, I think he could find himself replaced in the next couple of years. With that being said, I think he still throws 20+ INTs in 2010.

20. Kyle Orton—Denver Broncos

After being acquired in the Jay Cutler trade, it seems that the Broncos may have gotten the better part of the deal. Orton lost his biggest target last season when Brandon Marshall was shipped to the Dolphins. And when any QB loses a 100-catch WR, a drop in production of some sort is expected.

19. Matt Moore—Carolina Panthers

After a Jake Delhomme meltdown, it was time for Matt Moore to get his shot at QB. He filled in well for Delhomme, throwing eight TDs, two INTs and over 1,000 yards. Now he's the starting quarterback for the Panthers and Delhomme is playing in Cleveland.

18. Jason Campbell—Oakland Raiders

With Donovan McNabb coming into Washington, Jason Campbell was shipped out to yet another new offense. Campbell has seen a revolving door of new coaches and offensive coordinators since he came into the league and if he can settle down with one for a season or two, I think he can be a very good QB. He is possibly already the most underrated QB in the league.

17. Chad Henne—Miami Dolphins

Chad Henne started his first NFL season in 2009 and he faced it well. I like Chad Henne for the future and I think that he could be a good QB. It will also help him a lot that he will be throwing to a receiver that has caught 100 passes in each of his past three seasons.

16. Carson Palmer—Cincinnati Bengals

Coming off a season ending injury in 2008, Carson Palmer led the league's surprise team to the playoffs while throwing for over 3,000 yards. I don't think he's quite back to the 4,000-yard throwing Palmer of 2007, but he still has Chad Ochocinco and a playoff caliber team.

15. Mark Sanchez—New York Jets

Mark Sanchez is in an interesting situation in New York. He had a mediocre rookie campaign, but the Jets still made the playoffs due to their solid defense. He still has Braylon Edwards to go along with the newly-acquired troubled Santonio Holmes.

14. Donovan McNabb—Washington Redskins

Bringing Donovan McNabb to the Redskins has made them an instant contender in the toughest division in the NFL. Even though he has a much worse supporting cast than he would in Philadelphia, I see him making the best of it and putting together a much better season than his Philly replacement Kevin Kolb.

13. Ben Roethlisberger—Pittsburgh Steelers

With Big Ben missing at least the first four games, I felt that this was the right spot at which to put him. Even with him missing the first four, possibly six games, I don't think he will miss Santonio Holmes immensely, as he still has Hines Ward, Mike Wallace, and tight end Heath Miller. 

12. Vince Young—Tennessee Titans

Vince Young resurrected his career last season after a poor start by Kerry Collins. He has a young receiver in Kenny Britt and Chris Johnson in the backfield if he ever decides to sign that new contract.

11. Eli Manning—New York Giants

The Giants had a very disappointing season in 2009 but Eli Manning quietly put together one of his best seasons with a young, inexperienced group of WRs. Now with another year of experience on them, I'm expecting another 4,000-yard season for Manning and possibly a Pro Bowl appearance.

10. Tony Romo—Dallas Cowboys

Ever since he botched the snap against the Seahawks in the playoffs, Tony Romo's career has been all about getting a playoff win. Last year he got the win against the Eagles and unfortunately, he and the Cowboys look very good this season. Romo will have arguably one of the best receiving cores in the league with Miles Austin, Dez Bryant, and Jason Witten.

9. Matt Schaub—Houston Texans

In 2009, I doubted Matt Schaub, mostly because he had injury problems his whole career. Schaub was able to stay healthy last year though and proved me wrong, putting up Pro Bowl numbers. Schaub benefits greatly from a top-three WR in the league in Andre Johnson.

8. Tom Brady—New England Patriots

The biggest problem that Tom Brady is going to have this season is going to be the recovery of Wes Welker and the work ethic of Randy Moss. Still, even if neither of them play up to their former selves, Brady has done better with less in the past. Also, consider that players historically do better in the second year of recovery from an ACL tear than they do in the first.

7. Matt Ryan—Atlanta Falcons

Last year, Matt Ryan fought injury for most of the season, but he is coming back better and healthy. I think Ryan will return back and possibly better than he was in his rookie year, in which he led the Falcons to the playoffs.

6. Joe Flacco—Baltimore Ravens

In his third NFL season, Joe Flacco will play in his first Pro Bowl. Flacco has been getting better each season and now he finally has a good number one receiver to go along with a young explosive back Ray Rice, who is also a force catching passes out of the backfield.

5. Phillip Rivers—San Diego Chargers

While Phillip Rivers is hoping he has Vincent Jackson to throw to in 2010, even if he doesn't, I think he puts together a top-five season. If he could capture a Super Bowl ring, then he could arguably be the best QB from the 2004 draft.

4. Brett Favre—Minnesota Vikings

C'mon. We all know Favre is playing this season. With that being said, I don't see why he won't put up another great season playing in Minnesota. I don't see his offseason injury being a big deal either.

3. Drew Brees—New Orleans Saints

Why is Drew Brees not number one? Because I believe in the Madden curse. It may seem absurd right now, but history proves that Madden cover boys don't do well. So your probably asking why, if I think he's gonna get hurt, is he at three? So I don't feel as stupid if he proves it wrong.

2. Aaron Rodgers—Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers has come a long way from being Brett Favre's backup and he is now a top-tier QB. Rodgers will be a serious MVP candidate this year and he may be looking at a deep run into this year's playoffs.

1. Peyton Manning—Indianapolis Colts

Even though he threw a pick when it mattered most, Peyton will come back again in 2010 and put together another great season. He has a solid supporting cast too, with Reggie Wayne, Pierre Garcon, and Dallas Clark. Look for Peyton Manning to, as always, put together a great year.


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