The Five Biggest Concerns for Oregon Heading Into the New Season

Caleb M.@MouthoftheQuackAnalyst IJune 26, 2010

PASADENA, CA - JANUARY 01:  Head coach Chip Kelly of the Oregon Ducks stands on the sidelines during the game against the Ohio State Buckeyes at the 96th Rose Bowl game on January 1, 2010 in Pasadena, California.  (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)
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There are a lot of things weighing on the minds of Duck fans right now. The arrests of the past off-season, all the conference realignment, Lache Seastrunk—everything. Amidst all this hubbub, what are the top five concerns for Oregon football at this point?

5. What are the new uniforms going to look like?

Oregon has yet to say whether the Ducks will be wearing new uniforms next season. Personally, I think they should go back to the diamond plating uniforms. Those things were badass, and way more popular than the wings sported last season.

I love the yellow and black, but for traditionalists (AKA, people too stubborn to allow change) the yellow and green sorely needs to be brought back. What will the roll out next? That remains to be seen...but will probably be announced at the media day July 29th (which yours truly will be at).

4.  Does Lache Seastrunk take over in Week One?

There's a very good possibility freshman RB Lache Seastrunk will take over starting week one. Oregon plays the lowly New Mexico Lobos their first week, and at this point Kenjon Barner is the projected starter.

LaMichael James will be back from suspension in Week Two, at which point he will most likely become the starter again. But until then, the race is between Barner, Seastrunk, and Remene Alston Jr. Alston Jr took a few carries per game last year, and racked up 133 yards and two touchdowns. 

Alston Jr. isn't that valuable persay, and Seastrunk is clearly better after comparing highlight videos. Barner and Seastrunk will compete for the job in Week One, but expect to see a lot of action from different players in an extreme blowout.  

3.  Can Chip Kelly keep it together?

There's been a lot of controversy over Kelly's decisions regarding suspensions and team rules. Was he too harsh on Masoli? Should LaMichael James have been suspended longer? 

The Ducks lost a few good receivers due to the offseason Mad Duck Disease (just wait, it might catch on...). The crime wave seemed to hit everyone. Including USC, and recently UCLA

And now after losing Bellotti, the big question is: Can Chip Kelly keep it together?

I'd like to think so. He's a great coach that was put through a lot of crap his first year that would make most coaches bolt for the door. But for right now, he's doing his best. 

What more could we ask?

2.  Will the Ducks survive without Jeremiah Masoli?

The plain and simple truth, is yes. They will struggle; oh, will they struggle. Nate Costa and Darron Thomas aren't on the same level as Masoli is. But then again...are they?

All three QB's were competing for the starting job at the beginning of last year, and Masoli barely won. 

Personally I don't like Costa, and Thomas is more of a scrambler anyway... a better choice for the option Oregon runs.   

1. Will the Ducks maintain their Pac-10 Champion status?

Last year was, in a word: awe-inspiring (or is that two words?). 

Masoli and company kept things rolling all year long, and made people scream I Love My Ducks. This year they are down several players, including the newest addition to club thug: Jeremiah Masoli.

Superstar Masoli got into some serious trouble, and was recently (finally) kicked from the team. He had been suspended for his senior year, but the Ducks apparently wanted him completely gone. 

With a new quarterback, receiving squad, and a still wet-behind-the-ears type coach, I doubt they'll be back. But who knows? Crap happens, and Oregon does have a fairly weak schedule this year.


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