Bobby Labonte's Leaving TRG Motorsports Plus Possible RCR Deal in 2011

Horn FanSenior Writer IJune 23, 2010

Bobby Labonte is expected to announce later today that he has left TRG Motorsports effective immediately and maybe driving the No. 7 for Robby Gordon Motorsports at New Hampshire.

Since Dover, TRG, who has been struggling with sponsorship issues all season, began starting and parking, but he ran the full Charlotte and Sonoma races.

This could very well be why Labonte is leaving the team.

Prior to Labonte agreeing to drive the No. 71 this season full-time. He wanted TRG owner Kevin Buckler to come to some sort of agreement that the team would not do this.

They started the season with Taxslayer.com as sponsor for only eight races, and nothing else secured sponsor wise. 

Buckler used his Adobe Road Winery as sponsor at Sonoma and Labonte ran the entire race finishing 23rd.

But ran only 32 laps at Pocono and 31 laps at Michigan, both are tracks were Labonte has previously won at.

Labonte's crew chief parted ways with TRG on June 9th, after the Pocono race.

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I knew something would be up with Labonte and TRG, after seeing that Randolph had left the team and patiently waited to see how long it would take for him to follow suit.

I'm glad that Labonte is leaving TRG, it's just been miserable watching him start and park and he's too good of a driver to resort to that type of driving.

According to a tweet from NASCAR-Realtime, that I read on another site.

It seems that a couple of potential sponsors who were interested in Harvick/RCR that didn't workout, are interested with a Labonte/RCR deal.

Which is believable since it's been rumored twice that Labonte was going to RCR, and neither instance worked out.

Labonte has made a few missteps driving for Petty Enterprises, Hall of Fame Racing, and now TRG, and has past up several better options.

Being a Labonte fan since 1989, it's been quite the ride full of championship highs and disappointing lows of late.

But trust me, if this rumor is true and Labonte ends up driving for RCR, we'll see the Labonte of old, he just needed quality equipment to be competitive again and he still has a few wins left in the tank.

Photo Credit: bobbylabonte.com


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