Chris Benoit: The Anniversary of a Tragedy

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On June 24, 2007 WWE Superstar Chris Benoit did not show up for a scheduled PPV event. Strange text messages sent to some of his fellow wrestlers including the nephew of his former best friend raised the alarm that something was amiss.

Authorities entered the Fayetteville, GA home of Benoit and his wife Nancy and son Daniel to discover a grisly scene. All three individuals laid dead.

Monday June 25, 2007 the WWE, instead of airing its usual RAW broadcast, aired a tribute to Benoit with some of his most memorable matches and tearful comments and remembrances from his fellow wrestlers and friends.

However, over the course of the next few days as further details emerged, the man loved by friends and fans alike became known as a monster. And the WWE began to erase all mention of Chris Benoit as if he did not exist and did not entertain millions of fans for years.

Benoit was one of only two men to enter the Royal Rumble as the No. 1 entrant and win the event, guaranteeing him a Main Event match at Wrestlemania, where he won the World Championship belt for the first time in his life. However, search the archives of the WWE and you will not find that match or any mention of it.

Chris Benoit will never be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame even though his in-ring accomplishments and contributions deserve it. In the days following the discovery, all Benoit merchandises were pulled from the WWE Shop Zone site.

Re-releases of his best friend Eddie Guerrero’s life story DVD had Benoit removed from the footage. It was as if in the collective minds of the WWE, Benoit ceased to exist.

The initial investigation suggested that Benoit in a fit of “roid rage” killed his wife, then his son, laying Bible’s next to their bodies. Benoit eventually hanged himself. However, further reports from the medical examiner state that while a heightened level of testosterone was found in Benoit’s blood, it may have been a result from being treated for “testicular insufficiency” and would not have resulted in “roid rage”.

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Many people, me included, had a hard time picturing the wrestler committing such atrocious acts. This was a man seen by millions after winning his first WWE Championship embracing and crying in the ring with his wife and son, and best friend Eddie Guerrero (who, in 2005, died from heart failure as a result of past drug abuse even though he had been clean and sober for four years). How could such a seemingly loving and dedicated family man commit such heinous crimes?

That question was asked by fellow wrestlers and fans alike. It was also asked by the family of Chris Benoit and his wife Nancy.

There are other theories out there as well. Some feel that text messages sent to Chavo Guerrero and William Regal from the phones of Chris and Nancy Benoit were not sent by Chris but by a third party killer. They state the coroner’s report listed the time of death for Chris as late Saturday, however the texts were mostly sent early Sunday morning.

Others state that the lack of a suicide note is disturbing. Former L.A. Police Detective, Mark Fuhrman, has stated that an absence of a suicide note would immediately be a red flag for him that it may not have been a suicide. A former prosecutor has said the same thing, and that such a quick rush to judgment by the police and investigators is also disturbing and leaves many questions.

Here is a link that goes over some of the conspiracy theories for your own viewing. I fully believe in reviewing the information and making your own decision based on the information available.

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