FIFA World Cup 2010: Dejan Stankovic's Strange Record

Jon SainzAnalyst IIJune 15, 2010

A few people have records in the World Cup, Pele is the youngest player to score, Ronaldo the guy with most goals combined (15), Oleg Salenko has most goals in a match (five), and many others.

But from all of them, Dejan Stankovic's record is probably the strangest.

He has now been in three World Cups with three different countries.

He played in 1998 for Yugoslavia, in 2006 with Serbia & Montenegro, and this year with Serbia—and he has never changed nationality.

This is due to the geopolitical changes in the Balkans, with more and more countries becoming independent.

He has now broken the record set by Robert Jarni and Robert Prosinecki, who played for Yugoslavia in 1990 and for Croatia in 1998.

Even though Stankovic has played for three countries, he has never had any luck in he World Cup. Yugoslavia was eliminated by Netherlands before the quarterfinals and Serbia & Montenegro never made it out of the group stage in 2006.

After being informed about the record, Stankovic said, "I'm happy with the record, but I'd rather win. It's okay to have been in three World Cups, but I would have liked to have better results."


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